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Val wants X-Factor to work for the O.N.E. They have 24 hours to decide. Oh, and Jamie's hallucinates Layla. 


After the explosion in the last issue, Jamie is helping those caught in the fire. Then, in perfect timing, O.N.E. arrives, headed by Agent Cooper. As they head back to X-Factor, Jamie hallucinates Layla, who says that Cooper can’t possibly understand them because she’s not “one of us.” She then proceeds to chant “one of us” throughout the issue.
When they arrive at X-Factor, Agent Cooper gives them two options. They can disband and be placed in witness protection or they can work for O.N.E. She gives them 24 hours to decide. “One of us”.
Jamie goes to the hospital to check on the man he helped earlier, only to find out he’s died. Afterwards, he sits on the stoop and talks to ‘Layla’, who tells him that Theresa is pregnant and he must have known it deep down because how else could a figment of his imagination tell him? “One of us.” Jamie asks her why she keeps quoting that and she says it’s from that movie, Freaks. Jamie then meets up with X-Factor, lets Siryn know (and therefore telling the rest of X-Factor) he knows she’s pregnant.
24 hours later, Agent Cooper shows up to get their decision, only to find the building empty, but a laptop on the desk. She plays the video waiting for her. It’s Jamie, saying they decided to pass on both choices, and telling her not to bother hunting them down. And also to get the hell out of the building, because it’s going to blow.
Detroit, five months later; a dark-haired lady is at a house, looking for X-Factor, greeted by a very pregnant Theresa. Cut to a diner, Jamie is sitting alone, asking for the check when Val Cooper comes up behind him and twists his hand, hard. She informs him that she knows he didn’t break any laws blowing up his own building, but she doesn’t scare so easily. And that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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