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How can X-Factor be the defenders of Mutant Town when their little piece of the world is hemorrhaging its population? Combine that with Rahne already being gone and Rictor having one foot out the door, and Madrox's team finds itself at its lowest point. Unfortunately, since they're the last mutant team standing and the only game in town, that puts them squarely in the crosshairs of one of the X-Men's oldest and deadliest foes.

This issue begins with Rictor burning the letter from Rahne and throwing it down the toilet, while demeaning her to hell.

We then see Jamie and Strong Guy talking about the bar, and then Jamie asks Strong Guy about the job he was offered by Val Cooper. Strong Guy tells him that he told her to shove it, and that he told Val that he didn’t care how much money he offered her and that he wasn’t going to desert his friends. Jamie stops him mid-sentence, and tells him that he didn’t turn it down, that they probably withdrew it because there was no point for the position because there were very little habitants left in Mutant Town. Strong Guy asks how he knew, and Jamie says that he makes big hand gestures when he lies.

The two return to HQ, and Jamie begins to inner monologue, thinking about famous quotes. As he walks through the living room, M and Siryn are on the sofa. Siryn calls quietly to him, but to get his attention M shouts “YO! IDIOT!!” at him. He turns and asks what, and she tells him that Siryn has something to tell him. Siryn begins to talk, but keeps pausing, and Jamie jumps to the conclusion that she’s leaving (Strong Guy is now entering the room behind Jamie). He says he knew, and Strong Guy says to believe him because he has killer guessing moves. Siryn asks how he could tell, and he says it was written over her face, and she asks how does he feel. He begins shouting at her, and he says he expected more from her. She then shouts back at him, saying that she expected him to be supportive. He replies with “Right! Sure! Blame it one me!” and they continue to argue until Rictor comes down and tells them he’s leaving, and Madrox just tells him to go. Madrox and Strong Guy chase after Rictor. Siryn and M chat about how Jamie was acting, and then M realises that what happened was similar to an episode of “Three’s Company”, and Jamie had no clue about what she was on about. M then tells Siryn that she’s still in love with Jamie, and after questioning it, Siryn curses.

By the front door, Jamie grabs Rictor’s arm. Rictor tells him to let go, which Jamie does. Rictor then tells him that he’s not a mutant anymore and that he doesn’t belong there. Jamie just tells him to go, and when Jamie says “Vaya con dias”, Rictor tells him not to speak Spanish, it makes him sound stupid. Rictor steps outside to find the HQ floating in space. The stairs then turn into a slide, but Rictor manages to grab the door handle, and shouts for someone inside. Strong Guy opens the door, telling Rictor that he knew he’d some back. Rictor tells him to close the door before they lose air, and he tells him that they’re in space. Strong Guy takes a look outside and all that’s there is plain all Mutant Town. Strong Guy assumes that he’s making it up as a way to come back, but Rictor just shouts at him as he’s standing on the sidewalk. Strong Guy turns his back and Rictor falls down a trap door in the sidewalk, and Strong Guy comments that it’s not good.

In the kitchen, Jamie is making a peanut butter sandwich while talking to Siryn. Siryn says that he doesn’t understand, but he says no one else understands. He starts talking about how the threats to mutants are still out there, and that he must be sounding paranoid. They talk about how all the X-Men, marriage and about Jamie. Just as Siryn is about to tell him she’s pregnant, Strong Guy calls Jamie, and Jamie calls a rain check with Siryn. Siryn then comments “Don’t worry, kid. I’m sure I’ll manage to tell him before you graduate high school.”

Outside, Strong Guy is explaining to Kamie what happened, while coming up with a few wacky theories about what happened to Rictor. M and Siryn come outside, and says “Occam’s razor” meaning the simplest explanation tells to be the right one, and the simplest explanation would be a trap door. Strong Guy takes off his jacket and pulls up the sidewalk. Jamie sees that there’s an opening and climbs down with a torch. The others follow, and they find a brick wall. M and Strong Guy punch through it, but they reappear outside HQ.

Two voices speak over Rictor. One says that he should just kill him, but the other asks where’s the fun in that. Then we see Rictor strapped to a table upside down, with a gigantic swinging blade coming closer and closer to catastrating him. A man says hello to Rictor, but Rictor just tells him to go to hell. They continue to talk and the voice tells him how he came up with the idea for the machine (from watching Goldfinger), and then Rictor shouts for M.

M hears him and flies off, and Jamie makes a dupe, and Siryn carries the dupe as they chase after M. As they fly off, the whole area around Strong Guy and Jamie changes into a jungle.

Back with Rictor and the voice says that Rictor should be thankful because the technology is cutting edge, and then the voice makes a joke about Rictor losing his “cojones”.

Back with Jamie and Strong Guy, and Strong Guy says that the jungle has to be a hologram and Jamie agrees. A boulder then roles towards the two, and Strong Guy says it’s just another hologram, and then he’s hit by the boulder. Jamie inner monologues about how the same villains keep coming back, and when they do, they love making themselves known. Then we see on the boulder is a picture of Arcade, and written is “Gameday is here!” “XOXO – Arcade”.



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