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A squad of X-Men track the mutant baby and its captor. But they’re not alone in the hunt. Layla Miller and Madrox explore the future and learn the terrible fate of mutants. And Predator X claims another victim. And who is that woman with the finger claws?!


At the Xavier Institute, everyone is working on cleaning the place up and rebuilding after the O*NE attack. Xavier is questioning Scott's decision over the formation of the new X-Force. Scott isn't exactly thrilled that Charles chose the moment he was in front of several students to begin questioning his judgment. Scott tells him that he's been trained to lead the X-Men and that is exactly what he is doing in these critical times. Xavier says he understands that Scott is now in charge but feels it is necessary for himself to step in. Scott tells him he doesn't want or need him. He tells him to back off and let him do his job.

Somewhere in Canada, Cable is still on the run with the mutant baby. Suddenly he finds himself standing before Lady Deathstrike and her deadly soldiers.

Elsewhere, the mutant, Peepers, phones X-Factor. He says he thinks he is being followed and needs some help. Siryn asks where he is and they will send help. Peeper is driving down the highway when a deer is thrown at his windshield. Peepers' car crashes off the road into the woods. Barely conscious, he soon finds himself peeping the jaws of Predator X.

In Brooklyn, 80 years in the future, the Madrox dupe and Layla set up a plan to ambush a couple soldiers outside the mutant relocation camp. Cautious that it might be a trap, the two soldiers do a scan on Layla's body as she lies on the ground. At first the readings say she is "clean." As they go to check on her, her powers suddenly kick in. In their surprise, she tells them that it comes and goes. Jamie's dupe creates more dupes to take them out. Trying to question one, they do not get much cooperation.

In Cooperstown, Wolverine, X-23, Wolfsbane, Warpath, Hepzibah, and Caliban sneak into the hospital where the mutant baby was born. Now that the smoke has cleared, they should be able to to track Cable, who is currently fighting Lady Deathstrike.

In the future, Jamie and Layla are told that it was mutant that brought about the mutant relocation camp. It was their own fault. They also find out that as soon as they said the word, "mutants," more soldiers were brought in. Jamie is given a power dampener and his dupes are absorbed back into him. Layla doesn't show any signs of being a mutant (again) and they assume she is an innocent human being held hostage. She quickly tells them that she is working with him and is taken into custody along with Jamie.

Siryn finds the remains of poor Peepers. Xavier contemplates what may happen to Cable because of Scott's decision. A bloody Cable (and baby) are surrounded as he has to figure out how to save themselves.

To be continued in X-Men #45


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X-Factor #26; Messiah Complex Chapter 7 0

The issue starts off with Xavier undermining Cyclops' judgment about sending X-Force after Cable, in front of the New X-men nonetheless. Cyclops tells the kids to give him and Xavier a minute. Cyclops lays down the law and tells Xavier that he was trained to lead and Xavier needs to back off and let him do his job. In Messiah Complex Chapter 6, all the psychics were taken out by some unseen force. There is no mention of that at all. Xavier is conscious in this issue, but none of the other psychi...

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