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    Hitting it Out of the Park

    Peter David never fails in my eyes. His last few issues starting with issue X-Factor #240 have been phenomenal and this issue was no different. Please be warned as this does contain a few spoilers.

    We begin with a storyline that's been plaguing Rahne for quite sometime. The birth of her son and her terrified reaction to it has been gnawing at her for a good chunk of the last several issues of the book and she's finally decided to own up to her mistakes. Now I honestly never blamed Rahne for her reaction when she first had her child. It was blood thirsty and it scared her but its like her to always overthink something after the event happens. Shes always running back past events in her head and I like that this time she wants to make things right. Its a great growth for her and I loved the moment she had with Tier. I'm sad to see her go from the team since she's one of the favorites and is one of the strongest characters by far but I really do like thinking of her raising her son to be everything she feels she wasn't. Shes starting fresh with Tier and while bittersweet, I am content. A really good issue. And goodness am I worried about next issue's Polaris reveal.

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