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The problem with fights.

So this issue is important because it shows what is the weakness with this series. Well what I think is the biggest weakness and that is issues that are almost nothing but a single fight.

The biggest strenght of this series is the dialogue and interactions between the characters, it always feels so natural and comedy that I love every single minute of it and this issue is no different. Layla reveals she revived Guido and Bloodbath continues being so creepy. He body hops between his dead body and Jamie's but that doesn't faze him at all and that does add a horror aspect to the character like in the last issue where he chases Hangman's kid.

Also this is an important turn for Layla because I feel that this is the first time since she's been back that her knowing stuff became a problem for the mission. She knows so many different possibilities for any important situation that she doesn't know what to do. She's like Jamie in this way, they both almost have a million ways of going in a situation that they don't know what to choose and then it blows up in there face because it blew up in there face.

My biggest problem with the issue is that the last one ended with Jamie over his and Layla's corpse's but most of the issue is the rest of the team fighting BB. What I would have liked would have been the two situations happening at the same time because it just felt like bait ans switch in a bad way for these stories. Still liking Kirk's art, also exorcism Layla is pretty badass and scary.

Verdict: I love this series but this issue shows what drags this series down is the fights but it continues the relationships between the characters and reveals some secrets so it's all good.

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