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Review for X-Factor #226.

The Story: Jamie, Layla, Star and Long investigate the farm to find some clues and they do. Then they go to L.A to find the C-List villain Hangman ! Also a lot of tension arise's between the team members.

The Good: Not as many laughs in the issue be instead we get great character moments between everybody in the team. For instance I find it interesting that PAD decides to continue with the recently revealed fact that M is a muslim and she is walking on water, she explains that she doesn't really think about religion all that much because she doesn't feel like to think about the endless soul searching like Terry does, and this brings me to this point, M didn't mean to insult Terry but she felt insulted and this just shows that Peter can write realistic conversations between these characters. They don't all like each other but they tolerate each other. We also continue with the Rictor and Star subplot and I gotta in such a short time from issue #200 Rictor is now Star and Star is like Rictor. Ric is now the alpha male in the relationship, he is headstrong and wants to fight to prove his regained strength and while he doesn't admit it at first that he wants to cut loose like Star wants to sleep with everybody, and there is, but seeing how Ric is now really compulsive he just raise's his arms in the air (no really he does) and Star goes off to have sex with Layla because there still might be something between them since they were in Latveria together and connected. Also it seems that Rahne might be going trough the five steps of loss since her child was born wich is very inetresting. Also the way PAD wites Hangman as threat but still human when he learns his ex-qife has been murdered. Kirk's art continues to be very realistic with the characters but still with a stylized to it.

The Bad: This is the arc following the .1 issue and it is steeped deep in the series continuity from issue #200 and this doesn't help for new readers. Also the letters page will only appear when they get enough emails, so here's the address: OFFICEX@MARVEL.COM. I will try and send a letter and see if it will be published and you should try to.

The Verdict: To nobody's suprise X-Factor continues to be my favorite series for it's humour, great characterization, wonderful mysteries and great art. This is a buy.

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