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Review for X-Factor #225 
The Story: Rictor plays aound with his regained powers, Rahne mops around with ice cream and the team gets called in by the Kansas police in order to indentify the corpse of the woman they met in the .1 issue. And she kinda gets re-animated. 
The Good: It's X-Factor, all the usual compliments apply here, comedy is hilarious, action is simple and quick so we can have more conversation between characters that PAD has perfect graps on. We also have post Children Crusade Rictor becuase he has his powers again and the potential problems between his relationship with Star are bountiful, Star always has been the dominant person in the couple being the warrior but now Ric can control all of the earth rocks, so he's one of the most powerful mutants again. The convo betwen Rahne and Terry was interesting, these two women both have lost children but as Rahne points out that Sean isn't really and she just rejected her own child because he killed Agamemnon. Also Layla still knows stuff because she brings Rahne more ice cream. The mystery also thickens with the previous issue is that the boy, Terry is not her son, she is a criminal and she comes back to life, makes out with Layla and says her boss is her new best friend. The art by Leonard Kirk is very simple but draws the facial expression very well and does details very well. Also there's a letter's page's again, so more reading.
The Bad: So last issue we had the .1 issue for new readers but here we have an editors note saying that Rictor got his powers back in Young Avengers: Children Crusade. They will be confused. 
The Verdict: It's X-Factor, my favorite ongoing series on the market and this issue doesn't disapoint. This is a buy.

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