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And now for a smart messgae.

Issue #217 of X-Factor. 
The Story: Jamie,Longshot,Rictior and Shatterstar go to a cemetery to figure out who murdered Jameson's friend using Longshot's abilities.Also M,Banshee and Strong Guy have to protect Jameson while he goes to the community center that was being built in October. 
The Good: Peter David is always as funny and he uses Banshee's Syrin Song from all the way back of issues 1 of this series.Also we get a new sub plot with Rictor asking if Shattersat and Longshot are related in anyway but he doesn't answer.Also as I heard before when Peter David wants to talk about a political issues he goes straight forward with it and it is incredibly smart with it and whats funny is that on his website Peter David wrote that he took the protestors lines from stuff he saw from the actual protestors that he saw on Fox News.But we get a very well written speech given by J.Jonah Jameson about how this isn't there America since the settlers took it away from the Native Americans. Also Lupacchino's art is good. 
The Bad: Black Cat's cameo was kinda pointless and im kinda skeptical about it. 
The Verdict: This issue delivers great comedy and a great political message with great art as usual.Everybody needs to read this series.This is a buy.

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