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Ever wonder how X-Factor manages to operate out in the open in a New York City where superhero-hating J. Jonah Jameson is the mayor? Well, here's where you find out, as jolly JJJ thrusts NYC's premiere detective agency into the midst of a murder investigation where the trail may lead them straight to...Jonah himself? Guest-starring the ever-amazing Spider-Man and the Black Cat


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Hey Look, A Guest Appearance By Spider-Man 0

What reason does Spider-Man have for dropping by the X-Factor office? More importantly, what's J. Jonah Jameson's?  The Good It's Peter David and it's X-Factor. This title continues to be the one X-book you can read without having to worry about what's going on in eight other titles. The humor David injects is sometimes subtle and other times it borders breaking the Fourth Wall. The book isn't just fun and games as we do see the continuation of story threads such as the future that Layla Miller ...

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The Godfather Quoted Him 0

X-Factor has had its ups and downs lately but hits very high with this issue, featuring J. Jonah Jameson calling in a favor from the team that relates to a plot set up several issues ago.  To be honest, the thought never actually occurred to me that X-Factor operating in New York City would be a problem with Jameson as mayor. It does not strike me as an issue that really needed to be addressed, but that does not mean doing so is anything unwelcome, especially not when it makes for an issue as go...

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Everybody is distracted by her boobs Shatterstar. 0

Issue #216 of X-Factor.   The Story: Ballistique from the Vegas arc comes back and gets one of her old friends and J.Jonah Jameson comes to X-Factor to help him solve the murder of a highly respected friend of his.   The Good:Peter David always delivers the comedy gold and almost every page.Also I never really taught about how does X-Factor Investigations work in NYC when JJJ hates capes so much but it makes sense and it does give us a pretty good plot.We also see some other sub-plots in the ser...

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