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    X-Factor vs. Norse Vikings scuffle lives up to all expectations.

    This plot is set back in Vegas where the main team was investigating the whereabouts of Pip, the troll. After a successful plan to acquire Hela attention, the team gathers for the fight of their life.

    The Good

     As readers, we were expecting a full-size fight with the Viking zombie warriors. This issue did not disappoint us. In addition, the narrative introduces new elements to the main story that we thought we knew to increase a number of different levels of uncertainty. The art was packed with tons of action. Every panel was interesting and beautifully drawn. It was refreshing that each team member in Vegas was involved or had something to add to the main story. 

    As natural in this book, events tent to scale up but it’s good to see that the team was unafraid about their current state of affairs. The subtle associations with earlier events in the general story arc were uplifting. The key set up is due for a major developing into the plot.
    The return of the art of Emanuela Lupacchino and the usual good quantity and humor in writing of the book is exhilarating.

    The Bad 

    It was expected a big battle since you can see it all over the cover. It was just matter a how and when. This issue of the cover telling the story is a recurrent theme in the book in past issues. You have to wait a whole month to get to know more about this story. 

    The Verdict

    You should buy this issue and any issue that Emanuela Lupacchino had drawn even if you are not an X-Factor reader because the art is spectacular. The story is getting more intense with every issue and it is entertaining and fun to read. This is a high-quality issue.

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