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Bastion's Plans for X-Factor

X-Factor #204

Second Coming Revelations: Part 1

Peter David grabs your attention from the very first panel.   Anybody that didn’t read what he had to say about X-Factor at the C2E2 panel probably just gasped or let out an “oh @#%#!”   I still don’t care much for De Landro’s character art on this book, the action scenes were done well and each environment definitely presented a different pallet of colors for Davidson’s inks.   The contrasts were welcome, especially when the all important red beam of death (laser sights) settled in on a target.

David is a master craftsman and there isn’t a single point in this book that you aren’t eager to read more.   We get to see the inner workings of how Bastion’s strategizing, and get to see exactly how much control he has over the members of his ‘Human Cabal.’

Notice immediately this book isn’t part of the main story exactly, so don’t expect it to follow in sequence like the previous Second Coming Chapters.   Revelations is another animal all together and that animal is an Awesome- osaurus Rex.

This is just the introduction to how Bastion is going to deal with X-Factor Investigations in his movement to blot the X-factor gene from existence.   But don’t forget the team is spread out right now and we still have Monet and Strong Guy in dealing with Baron Mordo.   They take a job from the Absorbing Man, Bastion discusses the nature of Madrox’s mutation, we find out how lucky Longshot is, and much more.

Anybody who is a fan of this book already knows how insanely good David’s writing is.   There is no appearance by Layla Miller, buy you have to know she will come into play, this is X-Factor after all.   If your not up to date, pick up the trades, borrow them from a friend, this is consistently one of the best books on the racks.

4.5 out of 5 Sniper Shots LANDED!!    


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awesome-osaurs rex got it. meaning i gotta check this out.

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It was either going to be that or the non immaginary equivelent... A Liger.   But I thought it got the point across.  It is good.  I would have given it a 5 out of 5 had the art been better.  I just don't like the way De Landro has been drawing this book, mostly the characters. 

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