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Starting the all-new, all-different status quo for X-Factor! Forge and the rest of X-Factor finally break away from the government and head underground as a covert mutant force! Have they stopped the mutant-hunting "hound" program or just kicked it into high gear?


Forge hands X-Factor’s resignation to Bowser, who isn’t impressed. He reminds Forge that Mystique is wanted in connection with Graydon Creed’s death, but Forge isn’t interested. As they leave, Val asks why she wasn’t kept in the loop with this decision, but Forge coldly informs her that she isn’t a mutant, and it’s therefore none of her business. Jamie Madrox is visiting his own grave at the Arlington Cemetery. There, as he wonders what the future holds for him, Shard and Wildchild enact a scenario designed to make Madrox trust Shard. This is part of a plan to get closer to Havok’s Brotherhood. Polaris leaves Forge’s side and heads to Fall’s Edge, whilst Forge drives Mystique to the home of Trevor Chase. She discovers Trevor has been taken, and a phone call confirms this. As she leaves the house, she is shot at and Forge quickly drives her away, avoiding further blasts that rain down on them. As they cross a bridge, Forge veers to the left, and their vehicle crashes to the ground below, exploding in a ball of flame. Sabretooth, Polaris, Shard and Wildchild, meanwhile, enter an outbuilding at Fall’s Edge, watched by a group of hidden government agents nearby. As soon as they’re inside, the entire building vaporizes. The agents believe no one could have survived.

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