X-Factor #109

    X-Factor » X-Factor #109 - Legion Quest: The Waking released by Marvel on December 1994.

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    In Israel, Mystique lines up her sights on a new target. Only X-Factor can stop her now.

    Story continued from Uncanny X-Men #319. Legion is awake and Mystique flees the hospital and avoids capture by X-Factor. She meets up with Avalanche, but the rendezvous is disrupted by X-Factor. Mystique uses Avalanche as a diversion and returns to the hospital to kill Legion. She is stopped by Wolfsbane and Forge, but neither are a threat because Legion comes to Mystique. He delivers a message from Destiny, causes X-Factor to vanish, then leaves promising to make things better. The event continues in Uncanny X-Men #320.

    Notes: Despite what Mystique says, she did not swear on Destiny's grave that she would kill Legion. Mystique scattered Destiny's ashes in X-Factor Annual #6. Also, on page 22 Mystique claims Forge is responsible to Renie's death. This is simply a typo; it should be Irene, which is Destiny's real name.


    Mystique and X-Factor are shocked to find Legion out of his coma. Mystique rushes to kill him but is repelled by a telekinetic blast. Seeing she is outmatched, she flees the hospital in the wake of several distractions (a magnesium grenade and a runaway ambulance). X-Factor sends Wolfsbane after Mystique armed with a tracking device.

    In the hospital, Legion passes out. His mother, Gabrielle Haller, holds him. He comes to for just a moment and rambles about fixing things. He passes out again. He dreams that he is talking once again to Destiny, who urges him give Mystique a message from her exonerating Legion's part in killing her. Legion promises to relay the message before enacting his plan.

    On the docks, Mystique meets Avalanche and hopes they can work together to kill Legion. X-Factor shows up, however, and spoil the reunion. Avalanche summons a mighty earthquake, which causes a massive tsunami to hurdle towards land. Strong Guy takes out Avalanche while Havok breaks up the wave. Mystique escapes.

    Back in the hospital, Legion begins talking in his sleep. His mother believes he is sleep-talking a conversation with his father, Professor Xavier. She leaves him for only a moment, only to return to the room and find Legion missing.

    In the alleys of Tel Aviv, Wolfsbane resumes her hunt for Mystique. She is blindsided, however, and is nearly killed before Forge steps in to try and talk some sense into Mystique. It does not work and the two fight, which proves pointless since they know each other's moves so well. Forge is suddenly "short circuited" by Legion, who demands Mystique's attention.

    Legion meets Mystique on the Astral Plane where she accuses him of Destiny's murder. Legion delivers Destiny's message to "beware 'times not shared, hearts not loved, and destinies not written.'" With that, he let's Mystique's body collapse. X-Factor tries to get the jump on him but he teleports them all to a different location. Mystique comes around and asks him why he is acting this way. He simply replies that he is going to fix everything and floats away.



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