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    A worldwide organization founded by Professor Charles Xavier as an extension of his X-Men. It originally served as a search and rescue team for oppressed mutants, but on Krakoa, it evolved into the business side of their pharmaceutical development and sales.

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    Origin and history

    X-Corporation was founded by Professor Charles Xavier as a way to help deal with the ever-growing mutant population. Xavier, leader of the X-Men, realized that the Xavier Institute and its U.S.-based teams were not enough to provide support to all the needy mutants across the globe. Due to this, he initiated the X-Corporation, a collection of adjunct teams, each run by former X-Men or members of other X-teams, located in many major cities across the globe.

    X-Corporation Disbands

    Following M-Day and the massive reduction of the mutant population worldwide, the X-Corporation had outlived its purpose. To the turmoil of the mutant population at the time, the Paris branch of the X-Corporation was car bombed the very same day of the mutant depowering. With both points in mind, Cyclops ordered the dissolution of the X-Corporation. The mutant detective agency, X-Factor Investigations, would later be composed largely of the X-Corporation: Paris branch.

    Branches and membership

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Unknown

    Hong Kong

    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Mumbai, India

    New York City, New York, USA

    • Unknown

    Paris, France


    Krakoa Era

    Krakoan team was reorganized into a holding company for Xavier's financial profile under Angel and M. They largely oversee the research, development, and production of Krakoa's pharmaceuticals, however, M appears to have plans for aggressive expansion


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