X-Calibre #1

    X-Calibre » X-Calibre #1 - The Infernal Gallop released by Marvel on March 1, 1995.

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    Enter Now: The Age of Apocalyspe

    Switchback has arrived to the Antartica, as a leap of faith she almost get to her destiny: Avalon, the promised land for Humans and Mutants, a real paradise to hide from Apocalypse. His scort, Cain, is a massive monk with few words to say.

    Meanwhile, Kurt Darkholme has embarked on a new mission set by Magneto, he must get entrance to the Infernal Gallop so he must meet his mother Mystique to embarck to Avalon and reach Destiny, the only mutant who can confirm Bishop´s story about another reality without Apocalypse´s carnage. During his travel Nightcrawler must go into diferent scales.

    The dark lord Apocalypse has learned about Darkholme´s quest so he sent the Pale Riders to follow him and destroy Avalon, this group is leading by Damask.


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