X-83 Twin Tail Fighter

    Object » X-83 Twin Tail Fighter appears in 8 issues.

    This model is a successor to the legendary X-Wing Starfighter. Appears in Star Wars: Legacy. Time: 137 ABY. Features exceptional manouverability and speed, along with fire-power. Manufacturer: Incom Corporation.

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     The X-83 Twintail Fighter is the Incom Corporation's eventual successor to the hugely popular X-wing series. Frequently used by the Jedi in the years before the rise of Darth Krayt, the X-83 is a robust yet agile fighter that can withstand minor attacks before getting damaged. The X-83 borrows heavily from the concepts used to design the X-wings. It relies on its durability and its firepower, making it a good starfighter to fit in a variety of missions. 
    Unlike the previous X-wings, astromech droids are hardwired into the X-83 itself. This later tends to give the droid and the ship an individual personality as a whole. Sometimes, pilots rely on their droids, feeling that developing a personality will make the ship handle better. 


    The X-83 is a versatile fighter, in the sense that it has both firepower and durability. Its deflector shields are strong enough to withstand few attacks and its hull is also stronger than other crafts of its class. 
    Twintails are ideal choice for front-line attacks, where they take down initial ranks of the enemy, while seemingly unscathed from the attacks. They provide cover fire for other starfighters. Also, the X-83s have good manouverability, making them a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled pilot.   
    The X-83 though cannot withstand terrible weather, making it vulnerable to thunderstorms.
    The X-83 are also fitted with Hyperdrive technology, thus eliminating the need of a mothership to traverse great distances to carry out attacks.

    Weapon Systems:

    • Laser Cannons: 4 (long range) 
    • Proton Torpedoes: 16

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