Professor Kinney?

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What's the Professor Kinney stuff in the gallery section for X-23 (on this site)? Where's it from? Why is she speaking like that? "the devil d'you think you're doing"  ......................................................... >>>>an  inquiring mind wants to know

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Hey. I'm pretty sure that's from the League of Losers arc.   I was able to find one in a dollar bin at my comic shop!      On a side note... Don't you write on OMG I swear I'm gunngo go write tons of reviews! I love your stuff!                 

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Yeah, a friend of mine from here informed me that it was GeNext. Warned me it's not as good as it sounds. Pssht, I see Chris Claremont's name on the cover, I drop it and run screaming from the establishment anyways (in horror) ... (no offense to the fans of Chris Claremont, or Chris Claremont himself.) .... (I just really really do not like his writing). lol XD

And why yes, I am onelildustbunni on I've written about 10 or so fics about X-23 and Hellion, with more on the way. Like brain babies. And my own fics are spawning AU's of themselves now, I'm worried. Should I be seeking help at this point?


ps- yes I luv reviews, they give me a warm glowy feeling...tehehe

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