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How do you defeat an opponent you can't hurt, much less kill? How do you fight someone that's brutalized you all your life, and enjoys it? X-23 had better figure it out quick, because the assault on X and her newfound family isn't over. Kimura has just entered the battle, and she won't stop until X-23 has been returned to the Facility and her family is dead.


X-23 continues to tell Captain America and Matt Murdock what happened to her aunt and cousin.

X-23 lies on the floor after Kimura snapped her neck. Kimura asks her how many people do they need to kill before she realizes that she's a weapon and not a person. She handcuffs X-23 to her and drags her down into the basement. Kimura is going to force her to watch her kill Debbie and Megan.

Debbie is still unconscious and Kimura prepares to shoot Megan with a crossbow. As the arrow is shot, X-23 manages to pop her claws and slice the arrow in half in mid air. She then tries to slice through the handcuffs. Kimura tells her that they are adamantium. Looking at Megan in the eyes, X-23 begins to beat on Kimura. It's all pointless as Kimura was designed so that she couldn't be hurt by X-23. Grabbing part of the railing to the stairs, Kimura begins to strike X-23 over and over telling her that she's lost.

Kimura pins X-23 down and asks her if she should put her finger through Megan's brain or heart. X-23 begins to plead with Kimura. She says she'll return to the facility if she lets them go. Kimura tells her that she's already going back. She has to decide how Megan will die. Kimura then tells X-23 that she could always kill her and make it more merciful as she begins pushing her finger through Megan's chest. Suddenly there is a splash of blood on Megan face.

X-23 did not kill Megan. Rather she cut off her own hand. Now able to escape her handcuff, she places it on a pipe near the wall. Kimura is enraged. X-23 tells Megan and Debbie to grab her duffel bag and anything they really need. They have three minutes to get out of the house. Kimura yells that they're dead. Everyone X-23 loves will be dead. Slicing through a gas pipe, X-23 causes the house to explode.

Captain America mentions that he remembers S.H.I.E.L.D. being called in. They found pieces of advanced weaponry and the remains of 27 bodies. X-23 asks if Kimura was found. Captain America says no.

As they drive away from their house, Debbie tells X-23 to stop the car. She tells her that after X-23 saved Megan from the man that took her and Sarah brought her home, she gave her a picture of X-23. She says that Laura was able to make Sarah love again. She had been hurt by their father and couldn't love anyone. X-23 saved her. She saved them all.

In Sacramento in a motel, X-23 is preparing some passports for Megan and Debbie. Megan asks X-23 if she needs one, and she says no. Megan then takes the passport picture of Sarah.

Later at the U.S./Canadian border in Washington, Laura tells them that they have enough money to get to a safe house. She says there's more money there and to keep moving for the first month. Megan asks if she's going with them. Laura says she can't. Kimura will never stop looking for her. She can't risk their lives again. Megan asks how will Laura find them. X-23 doesn't answer, she merely says good-bye. As she turns to leave, Megan stops her. She gives her a locket that she was planning on giving her later. Inside is a picture of Laura's mom on one side and one of her on the other. Laura thanks her and embraces her. That's the last time she ever saw them.

Murdock asks her what she did next. X-23 says she then went after "him." She went after the man that started it all and made her a weapon. She stands outside the gate of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.



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 Am I the only one who cringes a bit when they look at the cover for this issue? Even in a series as brutal as this one, that image stands out. To me, anyway. Ouch!After "retiring" a good chunk of the Facility's human resource department in the last issue, the conflict between 23 and Kimura takes center stage in the story here. I was expecting a long, drawn out smack down between these two, but I was surprised to see that it wasn't nearly as straight forward as that. Instead, we see Kimura drag ...

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