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Because you demanded it! Superstar Top Cow artist MIKE CHOI joins the team as X-23 returns, picking up the bloody pieces where her first mini-series left off. Having escaped the Facility that created her, X-23 struggles to create a real life for herself. But when your entire life has been about death and destruction, can you ever really escape the darkness? The rest of the story begins here, and won't end until X-23 faces off with the one man most responsible for her life... WOLVERINE.


In an attempt to recreate Weapon X -- the mutant now called Wolverine -- a goup of scientists called the FACILITY stole a sample of Wolverine's DNA and brought in a leader in mutant genetics named SARAH KINNEY to create a CLONE. The Y chromosome of the sample was damaged, however, and Sarah's only recourse was to create a FEMALE variant -- in effect, a genetic twin. Thus, X-23 was born.

The Facility's interest in Weapon X was financial -- they were creating living weapons to sell to the highest bidder. X-23 was trained from birth to be a killer and sent on missions around the world for various clients. Over the years, however, X-23's "mother," Sarah, felt increasingly guilty over her compliance with the project.

Scientist ZANDER RICE, whose father was killed by Weapon X, had projected his hate onto X-23 and manipulated her into killing the head of the Facility, giving him total control over the project. Once in power, he revealed to Sarah that he had already begun the creation of more clones, X-23 through X-50. With no other recourse, Sarah helped X-23 destroy the Facility and kill Zander. But Sarah was in turn killed by X-23 after being laced with Trigger Scent, a chemical marker Zander had developed to control X-23 and send her into a murderous frenzy.

Two years later, X-23 arrived in New York City.

This is the story of what happened in those two years.



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I read more X-Men comics (or Wolverine spin offs) than someone who dislikes Wolverine as much as me probably should. But man do I enjoy them. Granted, the ones I really enjoy have very limited amounts of Logan, but even comics that he shouldn't even logically be in can't entirely escape his presence. (See: X-Men: First Class)Anyway, this was my introduction to X-23, and it was a pretty good one, though I feel it could have been better. The issue is very action heavy and seems to be taking baby s...

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