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Laura is a little busty, but I guess that's just artist interpretation.  The cover is splendid though and very succinctly to the point! (No pun intended). 
The Good: 
The art is finally where it should have been all along.  Mr. Stegman needs to be a part of a lot more series, his pencils here are absolutely great and it makes the battles in this issue a very nice read.  The scene between Tyger and the newcomers is well put together; I like that she was able to cover her ass and still deliver Daken to X-23, since she is already getting used to the way her boss thinks.  Lastly, the fight was intense, and the fact that we are bound to get more of it is something that will definitely keep coming back. 
The Bad: 
A few small nitpicks, but nothing that greatly affects the point of the issue.  Gambit's purple eyes instead of red, Laura's foot claws not being there one second and there the other (kinda like the movies where a car window is smashed, then appears whole, then is smashed again), and lastly, where exactly does Gambit go when Laura and Daken start fighting... does he just disappear? Like I small, few minor things that prevented this from being a perfect issue. 
This is what I've been waiting on, and we finally get this eight issues later? Kind of disappointed it took this long, but so far very happy with the result.  I still do not see the connection between this and previous arcs, but maybe that will come later.  Also, consistent art by an extremely talented artist is a sight for sore eyes after some of the atrocities seen in previous issues.   

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