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A cosmic force is tearing apart New York, and targeting X-23, Sue Richards, and Spider-Man along the way. What strange connection do these three heroes share, and is it the key to saving the city and the world -- or will it get them killed?


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Don't test Laura! 0

X-23 #14 Hey everybody! So this is my last review of comics for this week! So in this issue Laura is asked to stay with the FF for now, because they want to see what she knows about the earth quake and all that stuff. Meanwhile Reed is trying very hard to figure everything out and everyone is trying to keep Laura composed. Laura gets to meet everyone, some she's friendly with while others eh not so much. As she gets to meet everyone she has one of those attacks which causes an earth quake in the...

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I like ya Ben but get outta the way. She will screw you up. 0

Review for X-23 #14.  The Story: Laura meets the kids of the FF and they learn more of the earthquake.  The Good: First things first: Phil Noto's art is simply beautiful. I love it, it's very glossy and the way the light and shadows play off the characters is great, also he pulls off character expression's amazingly, without words this issue would still work. Also it's very interesting seeing Laura meeting the kids, it shows the disconnect that she has with meeting new people and especially with...

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After A Buildup Of Strain And Stress 0

It's pretty clear that Marjorie Liu isn't just talking about earthquakes on that second page. No, Laura, too, is a ball of stress threatening to explode. I've only read two issues of X-23, but she needs a serious chill pill. I mean, she (accidentally) pulled her claws on Valeria!Sticking Laura with the FF makes for good drama as well. Sure, Laura's opened up to Gambit and that seems like a huge thing for her, but now she gets to see a real, functional family at work. The X-Men might be close, bu...

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