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On The Town.

Synopsis: While in New York City to find clues on her past, X-23 encounters a mysterious symbol.

What's Good? 
Call me crazy, but this issue reminded me of NYX. It's no surprise, considering that Marjorie Liu wrote the second NYX series. While none of the cast of that series made an appearance, it was a nice reference to it, that also provided some information about Laura for those who haven't checked the series out. I really enjoyed that fact that Laura was making choices for herself throughout this issue, even if it was for the smallest things. In each story arc, she's becoming more independent with a goal.

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I wasn't stroked on the idea that Spider-Man and the Future Foundation were going to make an appearance at first (I mean really, the FF have more adventures appearing in other series than their own), but after the encounter with Jubilee in the last issues, maybe Spider-Man can help Laura become more open minded. It also seem like the mysterious demonic like symbol has something to do with the FF as well. If you ask me, the symbol looks something like a four, something Johnny Storm would sometimes do when he does his "Flame on". Could he be coming back? Highly doubt it, but I'm interested nevertheless. 

Yes, Sana Takanka's departure is a bit of downer when it comes to the art, but Phil Noto's artwork does have strong parts. His take on Spider-Man is smooth.   

What's Bad? 
As I wrote before, Sana Takanka's departure hurts the artwork a bit. Some fans may be put off of Phil Noto's art, or it might take a while to get adjusted to it.

The story also starts off a bit slow. For now, there's only speculations of where this story arc is headed.

Overall: Despite the slow start, I really liked this issue a lot. The other series I have read with the Future Foundation have been pretty good, so this story might not be so bad.


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