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"Why do I suddenly feel like I'm dinner?"

Synopsis: So what happens when the trigger scent affects average citizens and turn them into mindless killing machines? The gang is about to find out.

What's Good?

So after Laura overcomes the scent trigger, she and the gang now have to deal with the people in the subway affected by it. Seeing the scent trigger affect regular people is like seeing a horde of zombies appear. It's a nice amount of action and suspense. There's also that mysterious woman that appeared in the Daken/X-23 crossover, whose identity is still unknown. I thought it was Tyger, but it might be someone new entirely. Thinking how Wolverine has (had) Sabretooth and Daken has Romulus, could this female character be someone for Laura? The plot thickens.

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My favorite moment is with Jubilee and Laura on the Eiffel Tower. Like with the previous issue, Marjorie Liu makes Laura and Jubilee's new friendship believable. They both have their own issues to work out, but Jubilee just tells Laura to enjoy life with the good and bad that comes with it, and even makes Laura smile, something that she should of been doing in the first part. I wouldn't mind another team up with just these two in the future.

Sana Takeda's is still on the art, and she goes out in some pages. I glanced away some when Laura was putting her legs back in place, as Takeda even puts some details with the bones. I'm always impressed by how she puts so much detail when it comes to light and darkness, setting the mood for each page. The full spread page of a crowd of people affected by the trigger scent, surrounds Wolverine, X-23, Gambit, and Jubilee looks amazing.



What's Bad?

Sana Takeda's artwork is gorgeous, but it's very rare for me to say that this isn't her best. Some pages look rushed.

I also thought it was odd that Laura would want to jump off the Eiffel tower after having that talk with Jubilee. Yeah, I can understand living life to the fullest, and the fall will not kill Laura or Jubilee, but it's just weird. I'm pretty sure Laura is going to feel that in the morning. 
Overall: Its a satisfying conclusion overall, and better story than the one with Sinister. I'm deeply disappointed that Sana Takeda will not be the artist for the next story, but Phil Noto (recently did Wolverine and Jubilee), will. Next stop, New York.

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