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At the end of the last issue X-23 had provoked Jubilee into attacking her, by slitting her own throat and awakening Jubilee's vampire instincts. While almost giving in Jubilee, overcame the urge and only licked X-23 blood. Jubilee then confronted Laura as to why she had done this. Dodging the question the two nonchalantly made their way back to Wolverine and Gambit.

In the morning Jubilee insisted on taking X-23 shopping and trying to get her to express her own individuality. While the attempt failed, the two became closer. After the shopping trip, X-23, Jubilee, Gambit and Wolverine sit down to talk about the task at hand. The task would be a arms deal going down that evening. They would be dealing a trigger scent, and although it might not be there is a chance it's X-23's Trigger Scent.

After Jubilee and Laura had become close, X-23 entrusted Jubilee with the task of killing her if her murderous instincts were brought about by the trigger scent.

That evening the four infiltrate the facility where the deal is supposed to take place locating the trigger scent. They soon realize that now the scent no longer just affects certain people, but everyone that it comes in contact with. When X-23 smells the scent she can not control herself despite her desire to resist and Jubilee tries to intervene. Jubilee tries everything in her power not to kill Laura even though she had requested just that. The pair find themselves on a crowded subway platform and in the end Jubilee and X-23 end up directly in the way of a train which may end up killing them both.



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Trigger scent. 0

X-23 #11 Hey everyone let's just get straight to the review! So basically this whole issue revolves around Jubilee getting to know Laura better because they were at odds at first. When Jubilee licked her blood she saw some disturbing images of Laura killing people, which is part of why Laura is so disturbed. Jubilee tries to make her feel good about her self and what not. Remi gets a call saying that there's going to be a dealing of trigger scent. All four of them go to take care of whoever is p...

9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

Much better. 0

Issue #11 of X-23.  The Story: The group gets information about a batch of trigger scent sprya being sold and they go to stop it.  The Good: Im happy to say that Jubilee doesn't bite Laura but only licks some of her blood and see's some pretty disturbing stuff. We get more interection between the two and it is really nice. I especially liked Jubs trying to help Laura by offering to go shoppping and they get some nice interction's. Also what I really like is Laura's subtle sense of humour when it...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

"Clearly, you need an intervention even more than I do." 0

Synopsis: When Laura gets word of someone is selling a trigger scent, she decides to put a stop to it. What's Good?  Could you imagine her killing with that on? So after that cliffhanger at the end of the previous issue, the story could had went anywhere. Thankfully, the story goes back to a previous item during the Collision crossover-the trigger scent. So what do X-23 decides to do? Gets to the bottom of it, now joined by Wolverine, Jubilee and Gambit. But besides the main story, I like that M...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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