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    X-13 was a humanoid robot that ran amok.

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    Brief History

    Inventor Jason Burke created a giant, monstrous robot in the basement of his sister's house. Calling the robot “X-13,” Burke wanted to demonstrate its capabilities, but people were too frightened by X-13's gruesome appearance. Due to growing public concern, the government outlawed the robot. A short while later, X-13 went on a rampage through the town, just as people had feared, leaving panic and destruction in his wake. X-13 went to a missile base and launched himself in a rocket. From the missile base, the military activated a self-destruct mechanism causing the rocket to explode over the sea. The indestructible X-13 plummeted into the sea below.

    Sometime later, Burke found a note that X-13 had written, explaining to Burke that he realized mankind feared him. He explained that he would run amok and steal a rocket that the military would destroy. The world thinking him to be destroyed, X-13 would wait at the bottom of the sea until mankind learned tolerance, understanding, and trust. When that happened, he would return. Unfortunately, X-13 was not immune to rust and Burke worried that the seawater might damage his delicate mechanisms, causing him to truly run amok when he returns in the future.


    X-13 was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Strange Tales issue 93.

    Powers and Abilities

    X-13 possessed enough strength to lift a car and proved invulnerable to gunfire and explosions. X-13 was great at performing calculations and possessed a will of his own, but was not rustproof.


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