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A Good Gamble

X Steps into Arcadia
X Steps into Arcadia
The first great and historic issue of the legendary X.....oh wait.  Here is the thing X is a great character who never got his due.  This issue is a wonderful first issue and set up for the character.  As I started reading it I thought that is was going to fall flat as you have a cool costumed hero with a neat gimmick but he ends up going after mafia style villains.  When that happens the hoods usually fall flat and they do here up to the point of the Gambler.
The Gambler is a really interesting charatcer who is a good match for X.  He seems to not really value his life as much as he values bettering his opponent in a high stakes gamble of life and death.  He is also drawn with this smug smirk on his face that really sets him out as a character.  
I really like this book and wish I had issue two to read it.  I will keep looking out for it so it may be a long time before you see my review for issue two.  I would recommend this book and hope that people will look for it.  Characters like this really need to be rediscovered.  I gave this issue four stars.  Try to find it.
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