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    The fourth Minuteman activated. Nicknamed "the Point Man," Times is a perfect shot and natural leader who picks his own side in the war between the Trust and Graves.

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    Wylie Times is a member of the Atlantic City Minutemen. He was called the Point Man because every shot he fired had a point to it (that is, he never wasted a round). Wylie was considered the sharpest of the Minutemen and one of the most dangerous.


    After the Atlantic City mission, he became a gas station attendent, cheating customers and drinking his life away. When Mr. Shepherd and Dizzy roll into town, Dizzy gets in a fight with one of Wylie's friends, a man named Hopper, and ends up breaking his arm. This leaves another friend of Wylie's, "Doctor" Dan, without a partner for a job he needs to pull for a man named Eight Ball. Naturally, Wylie ends up filling the position.

    The two go to Mexico and meet up with their employer who wants them to drive a van full of unknown contraband and a girl named Angelina over the boarder. On the way, they are stopped by highway muggers. The muggers shoot and kill Doctor Dan and pistol whip Wylie, intending to kill him as well. Angelina finds an uzi under the van's seat and guns down the muggers.

    Dizzy and Shepherd follow Wylie into Mexico and Shepherd encourages Dizzy to meet up with Wylie. They make it across the border only to find that their cargo is a bunch of rare birds to be sold for $100,000 a piece. When Hopper hears about Doctor Dan's death, he attacks the Eight Ball, taking his gun and firing it into the air in anger and sorrow. The birds all fly away and Wylie gives Angelina to Eight Ball to calm him down. Shepard catches up and tells Wylie he wishes he knew the word to make him into the right guy again. Though Wylie doesn't know what Shepherd is talking about, Shephard applogizes and gives Wylie his number, telling him to call "when you find out."

    Point Off The Edge

    Still a motivationless gas station attendent, Wylie is visited by Agent Graves who offers him an attache case with 100 untraceable bullets, a chance to get even with the man who ruined his life. When Graves admits that it is neither Wylie's boss nor his landlord, Wylie tells Graves that he has no beef with whoever Graves wants him to kill and that he should just do it himself.

    Wylie goes to work but ends up involved in a shootout with a customer who shoots his boss. Wylie takes all the money in the register and leaves only to find Graves waiting for him. Graves offers him a ride and Wylie accepts, saying that it doesn't mean he's going to kill anyone. Graves tells Wylie that he only wants him to understand why he is the way he is and who is responsible. He then shows Wylie a picture of the man who ruined his life...Mr. Shepherd.

    Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down

    Graves reminds Wylie of his former lover, Rose and Wylie decides to return home to New Orleans. After a night of drinking at the Palm and listening to the misshapen but extraordinarily talented jazz player, Gabe, Wylie finally gets up the nerve to visit Rose. Finding the cemetary locked, Wylie drunkenly climbs the fence and injures his head on a grave. He finds Rose's marker and tries to appologize to her but passes out just as Shepherd and Dizzy arrive.

    Shepherd and Dizzy take Wylie back to their hotel but by the time Wylie awakes, Shepherd is gone. The two go out drinking and Wylie reveals that his last memory of Rose is the two of them arguing about something that he had to do and though she didn't want him to, he did it anyways. Afterwards, Wylie went to prison for not ratting out someone he thought was his friend and while he was gone, Rose was murdered.

    As the two talk about their loved ones' deaths, a woman comes running out of the woods, seemingly high. A pair of men follow the woman and throw a bear trap into her arm, knocking her into the lake where she presumably drowns. Wylie lets loose a stream of f-bombs and the two run away and split up since their pursuers are looking for two people. Wylie ends up back at the Palm where he encounters Homer, the old friend who Wylie refused to rat on. Wylie spends the night at Homer's place and the two plan a party for later.

    Wylie returns to the Palm where the bartender tells Wylie that an old man in a suit came by and talked to Gabe, presumably about a record deal. Dizzy catches up and confronts Wylie about his rudeness to Shepherd. Wylie reveals that Shepherd was behind Rose's murder. On his way out the door, Wylie asks Gabe the name of the song he was playing. Gabe tells him its called Blue Day for Croatoa. The word Croatoa wakes Wylie up, turning him back into a Minuteman and Wylie's knee jerk reaction is to punch Gabe into the wall, busting up his hand.

    Wylie heads to Homer's place with Dizzy in tow. He goes into the bathroom to clean up his hand with hydrogen peroxide, unleashing a series of f-bombs as he does so. Dizzy notices a strange look that Homer gives his friend Warren and realizes that they are the bear trap killers and that Wylie's one word cursing has given them away. Dizzy and Wylie promptly sneak out the back.

    On the way back to the hotel, they pass by Anwar Madrid, a member of The Trust. Anwar recognizes Wylie who, like the other Minutemen, is supposed to be dead. Wylie enters his hotel room to find an angry Gabe pointing his own gun straight at him. Wylie takes the gun back and stows it in the attache case, realizing that Anwar's men are attempting to surround the hotel.

    The two attempt to escape but end up running into Homer and Warren, who take the pair hostage and lead them back to the lake. Homer appologizes to Wylie, saying that he can't unsee the murder and that he must die. Assuming Wylie pissed off Anwar Madrid by stealing something from him, Homer promises that if Wylie will unlock the attache case and give him what's inside, Homer will make sure that Anwar will never get it back. Wylie agrees and pulls the gun out, shooting both Homer and Warren right in the forehead. Unfortunately, the fight scares Gabe, who falls into Warren's bear trap, cutting off his jaw. Unable to play, Gabe puts Wylie's gun to his head and Wylie pulls the trigger.

    In a rage, Wylie storms Anwar Madrid's home, easily killing all his guards. Shepherd surrenders and Anwar begs for his life, offering Wylie a chance to have his own job back. Wylie puts a bullet in Madrid's forehead before taking down both Shepherd and Dizzy. Back at the hotel, Wylie contemplates killing Shepherd for ruining his life. Before Atlantic City, Rose, the daughter of Anwar Madrid, made a move against the House of Medici and a Minuteman had to get revenge for the attack. Knowing Wylie would never forgive him for sending another man to kill his woman, Shepherd gave the job to Wylie. Wylie and Rose argued about what they should do before Wylie told her that they would run away together, Trust and Minutemen be damned. The two embraced and Wylie shot Rose, telling her he'd love her forever. Finally, Wylie decides who to blame and fires a bullet into his own reflection.

    Wylie returns to the Palm one last time to give Gabe's horn to the girl he liked to play for. The bartender asks if Gabe has gone off to New York to play for the producer that came by earlier. Wylie tells them that its true, that Gabe has gone to a better place and doesn't need the old horn anymore. He tells them not to forget their friend before driving off with Shepherd and Dizzy.


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