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 Wyld appears suddenly and without warning when attempting to capture Raven.  Seemingly drawn to her due to her mystical abilites, Wyld's attempt to capture her fails.  Wyld follows Raven to Titans Tower and launches a full scale attack on the Teen Titans.  Wyld is defeated but maims Raven's psychic abilities and claims that he has learned tips on how to attack the Titans in the future. 
Wyld strikes the Teen Titans once again following their battle with Holocaust in Dakota.  Capturing Raven and taking her through a dimensional rift, Wyld is revealed to have been inadvertently created by Raven herself.  Raven was attempting to hunt down her father Trigon and accidentally created the Wyld.  It seems that this is the reason that Wyld is attracted to Raven. 
Wyld is the ruler of his own dimension known only as Wyld's World.  In Wyld's home dimension, the laws of physics do not apply as they do on Earth.   
Wyld has also shown an affinity towards Miss Martian, most likely due to her telepathic abilities.  Wyld possesses M'Gann when she attempts to use an experimental helmet in order to save her friends.
Actually, the monster was created when Raven teleported herself often trying to find her father, Trigon. One of those times, she altered a entire dimension, giving "birth" to Wyld. This make him something like her son.  But, he became evil and to survive, he should kill Raven. 
Fortunately, the Teen Titans were able to defeat him.

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