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A. Wolf, or Wulfie to his friends & neighbors, was a mainstay of DC Comic's funny animal line in the 1940s and 50s. Wolfie also made an appearance with Peter Porkchops and other Funny Animals in a PSA about telling the truth in the back of Congo Bill issue 5.

He was the antagonist of Peter Porkchops in that character's title. Peter Porkchops was a lucky prankster, Wolfie was his target. Wolfie was always scheming to pull a fast one on Peter.

Years later, when Peter Porkchops was reimagined as the superhero Pig Iron, could his foil be far behind?

Wulfie sought the aid of psychiatrist Dr Sigmund Frog (don't blame me - I didn't write it), because he once sought to eat his neighbor Peter Porkchops. In the funny animal world this was considered a mental disorder that gave rise to the legend of the Wuz-Wolf, a frightening half man, half Funny-Animal creature that longed to eat succulent creatures like pigs. Since humans didn't exist in the funny animal world, this was obviously just a legend.

Or so they thought.

One day, when Wulfie got an amulet made from the same steel that contributed to Peter Porkchops being transformed into the Swine of Steel, he found that in a full moon he would turn into the funny animal equivalent of a werewolf - the dreaded Wuz-Wolf, a hideous humanoid creature with a hankering for bacon, ham and porkchops. The Wuz-Wolf was defeated by the Zoo Crew. It is assumed that Wolfie is continuing his counseling by Dr. Frog.


As Wolfie he has no special abilities, just hare-brained schemes and bad luck. As the Wuz-Wolf Wolfie possesses the standard were-wolf abilites (strength, healing, senses, etc), but with an emphasis on the monstrous legendary "human."


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