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Wulfgar spent five years in the forges under Bruenor. There he learned to craft the mightiest weapons and became close friends with the dwarves there. He also started forming a bond with Catti-bri Bruenors human adopted daughter.

Near the end of his years there Bruenor brought him a gift. A large warhammer he crafted and enchanted himself called Aegis-Fang. Wulfgar was like a son to Bruenor and was sad to see his time coming to an end with his people.

Bruenor wanting Wulfgar to learn to fight like a real warrior and not just a brute barbarian brought himto his new teacher. Wulfgar was insulted at first, thinking what could a skinny elf teach him about fighting that he already did not know. It did not take long for Drizzt to show his error, and the two became close friends in thier training togather.

One night on patrol the came across a blood spotted camp and searched about. They found the bodies of dead dwarves and track of giants. Wulfgar set out to warn Bruenor, while Drizzt followed thier tracks. When Wulfgar returned he and Drizzt would strike revenge against the giants. The entered the cave lair to the giants and fought them valiantly. Biggrin and his giants were dead, and the fallen dwarves avenged.

As war started the brew once more between the people of Ten Towns and the Barbarians Wulfgar set out on a journey to help solve the situation. Unknown to him he was followed by Drizzt to the lair of the Might Iceingdeath, a white wyrm dragon. There Drizzt and Wulfgar battled the dragon until Wulfgar killed it by causeing a icey stalagtite to drop and pirce its body. The dragon dead Wulfgar took its head and went back to his people.

Arriveing back to his tribe Wulfgar challenged Heafstaag for leadership to the tribe. Heafstaag was refuseing to fight at first saying that Wulfgar had done nothing to prove his right of challenge. That was when he showed them the head of the dragon that he had slain. With the proof needed the two brabarians fought for leadership. With the training taught to him by Drizzt Wulfgar easily avoided Heafstaag's attacks. He called Wulfgar a coward and told him to fight him, and so Wulfgar did. He beat Heafstaag by grabbing his head and squizing his skull, crushing his head with Wulfgars mighty strength.

Wulfgar would then lead his people to help the Ten Towns fight off Akar Kessel and his goblin army. With Wulfgar as the new Clan leader there was fianlly peace between the Ten Towns and the Tribes of the frozen tundra. But Wulfgar would not stay long as he set out with Drizzt, Bruenor, and Regis in search for Mithral Hall. On the road with them Wulfgar soon learned about life outside of Icewind Dale.

In the search of Mithral Hall Wulfgar grew up. He realized how little he knew of the world. In Luskan he had gotten into a bar fight with the local thugs, which ended up with Reigs and Wulfgar being kicked out. But the Companions soon jumped the wall and headed for Longsaddle. Another place Wulfgar felt uneased at. There was too much sorcery for his liking. But soon realized that it was not evil like he was lead to believe.

From there they headed to Silverymoon, then Heralds Holdfast, and then finally Mithral Hall. Inside the Hall Wulfgar was faced off againt Bok. The Golem that had accomponied Artemis, Sydney, and Jierldan to find the companions. With his massive strength Wulfgar ripped of the Golems head and used his magical hammer Aegis-fang to strike him down and over the gorge.

With Buenor lost to the shadow dragon Shimmergloom, and thier friend Regis to the assassin it was time to leave Mithral Hall. Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Catti-brie set out for Longsaddle where they would make plans. Catti-brie would mass an army to retake Mithral Hall and avenge Buenor, while Drizzt and Wulfgar went to rescue Regis from the dangerous assassin Artemis Entreri.

Upon departing from Longsaddle Catti-brie stopped Wulfagar and gave him a long passionate kiss. She told him to keep safe, and to come back to her.


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