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After riding out from Castle Silver Keep with his father, Wulfgar and his mother Lady Lenore, Prince Wulf's party is attacked by an army of trolls dispatched by the sorcerer Mordek Mal Moriak of Darkenroost. Young Wulf is handed over to Count Stavro Dar Kovin, fencing master, to carry off to safety. They are the only two survivors of the massacre.


Wulf created by Larry Hama

Character Evolution


Without money after the fall of Baernholm, Stavro and Wulf earn a meager living as street jugglers while at night, the fencing master tutors his young charge in the ways of the sword. Some 10 years later, Stavro is slain by bounty hunters in Mordek's service.

Major Story Arcs

Wulf on Earth

Wulf survives and sets about trying to regain his kingdom while he undergoes fanciful adventures on the distant world.

Powers and Abilities

Other Versions

Other Media

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