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A young Celt warrior captured and taken to Rome, Wulf the Briton undertook a series of trials to win his freedom, then returned home to Briton to oppose the Roman invaders!


Wulf the Briton began Beaverbrook's Express Weekly in October 1956 as one of the stars of the strip Freedom is the Prize, about a group of slave gladiators in Rome who rise up to win their freedom.

Major Story Arc

Around 60 A.D., Wulf the Briton was the British slave of the Roman Lucellus. After brashly jumping into the Colosseum's arena to fight and defeat a gladiator who had overpowered one of Wulf's friends before that gladiator could kill his downed foe, Wulf defied the Emperor Nero by refusing to finish his own opponent, instead turning his back on Nero. Punished for this, Wulf led a group of gladiators in rising up, and was given the chance to win freedom for himself and his men, including Spaniard Cadmon, the Gaul Greatorix, and Cadmon, if they could survive seven trials. After doing so, they took a galleon to Egypt, adventuring amidst the pyramids, before returning to Britain to fight the Roman invaders led by General Gnaeus Julius Agricola.


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