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G1 Marvel UK Comics

NameAlternate FormStatus
ImpactorDrill TankOffline (1st Leader)
BroadsideAircraft Carrier/JetActive
InfernoFire EngineActive
Rack'n'RuinNone (Used to be mini jets)Active
RoadbusterCybertronian JeepOffline
SandstormRoad Buggy/Amphibious Transport HelicopterOffline
SpringerFuturistic Car/HelicopterActive (2nd Leader)
TopspinAmphibious Cybertronian VehicleOffline
Twin TwistCybertronic Twin Drill TankOffline
WhirlCybertronian Attack HelicopterActiv

Transformers: Regeneration One

NameAlternate FormStatus
KupCybertronian Pick-up TruckActive
BroadsideAircraft Carrier/JetActive
LeadfootT93 Indy Race CarActive
Rack'n'Ruinnone (Used to be mini jets)Active
RoadbusterCybertronian JeepActive
SandstormRoad Buggy/Amphibious Transport HelicopterActive
SpringerFuturistic Car/HelicopterActive
TopspinAmphibious Cybertronian VehicleActive
WhirlCybertronian Attack HelicopterActive

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

Note - This is the only group that allowed Decepticons and Predacons into the fold thanks to the Predacon Megatron's takeover of Cybertron.

NameAlternate FormStatus
ApelinqTransmetal GorillaOffline (Spark combined into Sentinel Maximus)
ArceeTransmetal 2 SpiderActive
CATScanCybertronian TigerActive
CyclonusVehicon Jetstorm bodyTraitor (Originally Decepticon)
DevconVehicon Mirage bodyActive
DilloCybertronian ArmadilloOffline
FractylTransmetal PterodactylActive (Originally Predacon)
MolCybertronian MoleOffline
PackratTransmetal RatOffline
Primal PrimeOptimal Optimus bodyOffline (Spark combined into Sentinel Maximus)
RamulusTransmetal 2 IbexActive
RavCybertronian BirdOffline
Rodimus MajorCybertronian Speed CarOffline
RotorboltVehicon Obsidian bodyActive (Originally Predacon)
Sentinel MaximusCybergtronian Carrier TruckActive
SkywarpCybertronian JeyActive (Originally Decepticon)
SonarTransmetal 2 BatOffline
SpittorPoison Arrow FrogOffline (Originally Predacon)
Tap-OutCybertronian CarActive
TigatronTransmetal TigerActive

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