Wrath (Caldwell)

    Character » Wrath (Caldwell) appears in 23 issues.

    Elliot Caldwell was the sidekick to the original Wrath, a child sociopath twisted and molded in the anti-Batman's dark image. When his mentor perished in a battle with the Dark Knight, Caldwell took over the mantle of the Wrath and returned to Gotham to continue the original's mission.

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    This page is for the second Wrath, Elliot Caldwell.

    For the original, visit the Wrath page.

    Wrath Child

    Elliot Caldwell as Wrath
    Elliot Caldwell as Wrath

    When police officers start turning up dead all around Gotham and surveillance photos appear to incriminate Batman, Gordon and Batman think they have a copycat of the original Wrath. This new Wrath abducts Grayle Hudson, accusing her of betraying the original Wrath.

    Batman catches up with Wrath and they fight to a standstill at which point he tells Batman to investigate what James Gordon was doing on June 26th twenty-five years ago. This enrages Batman and Wrath barely escapes when he forces Batman to save the life of Nightwing instead of pursuing him.

    Gordon admits to having his records of that night wiped clean when the corrupt police force threatened to kill the boy. Gordon was then sent to Chicago, hoping to one day return and make things right by the boy he had orphaned.

    Batman and Nightwing pursue Wrath to the airport where he had an elaborate death-trap prepared for the Batman and Grayle. The two escaped and the teamwork of Nightwing and Batman are able to easily defeat Wrath. Nightwing reveals Wrath's real name, Elliot Caldwell, and that the original Wrath had kidnapped him and four other boys to become his own 'Robin.' The other boys all died and only Elliot was left to carry on his legacy.

    After his defeat, Caldwell was locked up in Blackgate Penitentiary.


    The Wrath
    The Wrath

    The Wrath returned after the 2011 DC reboot in the pages of John Layman and Jason Fabok's Detective Comics #22. This version of Elliot Caldwell shares many similarities with his rival, the Batman: he is a billionaire, has spent unaccounted years abroad before returning to Gotham, and has his own armory much like the Dark Knight's, albeit more lethal variants of Wayne's gear.

    Caldwell along with his partner were responsible for killing many of Gotham's police officers but by day he masqueraded as Elliot. D Caldwell, CEO and founder of Caldwell technologies and tried to buy Wayne Enterprises. After Batman defeated Scorn, Caldwell threw him out of his plane due to him disrupting his plans.

    Wrath soon faced Batman after he was caught trying to kill a police officer. Wrath was able to use an electrical attack to incapacitate him. While under the guises of Bruce and Elliot, they sparred in a Hand to Hand fight with Bruce being able to defeat him, while giving Alfred time to search the building. However, Elliot knew of his plan all along and was able to use the technology he'd given Gotham Police Department against them and activated electrical attacks within them.

    Wrath then went after Batman as he chased him in his plane through the streets of Gotham, forcing Batman to abandon his Bat-Plane to gain more time and caused it to self destruct and him to escape on his Bat-Glider. Alfred after having hacked Caldwell's files revealed to Bruce that Elliot's father had been killed by corrupt Gotham police officers.

    Elliot later used his tank to bomb Gotham City Station, he then got out of his tank expecting to find a mass of dead police officers. Instead he found only Batman as Bruce had convinced James Gordon to evacuate the building. Batman in a modified suit similar in style to Wrath's proceeded to beat down Elliot, however, he didn't deliver the finishing blow. He instead allowed the Gotham Police Department to open fire on him and revealed to him that it was James Gordon who brought down the police officers who killed his father and proceeded to knock him out.

    While he was in Blackgate Penitentiary, after a visit form James Gordon, Ignatius Ogilvy hints at them working together in the future.


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