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    Woz is an Inhuman with the power to teleport through reflective surfaces.

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    Woz as a younger member of the Inhumans whose start was one of tragedy. He was a member of the same group of Inhuman children studying with Nahrees, Neifi, Dinu, Tonaja, Kalikya, and Telv (although Telv would be held back leaving onky the six to graduate that year). Woz was paired up with Kalikya during their studies. Like all Inhumans, Woz was to go through the sacred ritual of Terrigenesis, or exposure to the Terrigen Mists in order to unlock his full genetic potential after learning of Inhuman history and culture. The night before Terrignesis Woz suggests that he Tonaja, and Kalikya spied on the cell of the mad man Maximus, Black Bolt's insane brother. When the group was getting ready to leave Maximus turned to greet Woz, the beginnings of his problems. It was at this point Maximus would look into Woz's mind and begin to exert his control.

    The day of the Terrigenesis is a proud moment for many families, but a great shame for some others. Woz's terrigenesis was tampered with by Maximus, and Woz transformed into something that no other Inhuman had before--an Alpha Primitive. Maximus had stifled Woz's terrigenesis so that he would appear as an Alpha Primitive and so that his power's manifestation would come late. Stuck in the body of an Alpha Primitive, Woz was a shame not only to his family, but to the entire race. Alphas were genetically engineered to be the lowest caste of Inhuman society, relegated to the substructure of the Inhuman city of Attilan to tend to the great machinery that operates the key functions of the city. Woz's family and friends are told that he died during his terrigenesis and he is sent down to the depths of Attilan's underworld to be integrated into the Alpha Primitive culture.

    While unable to fully communicate, Woz simply repeated his name to himself. Woz obviously was not content in the life of an Alpha Primitive. The other Alphas tried to calm him by telling him that their work was good, and that they were free to do their work underground. Woz understood the cruel truth remarking that this is why the Alphas would never be free. It was among the Alpha Primitives that Woz's powers would begin to develop. First his body began to change, developing ridges on his head and forearms, and also growing in size and definition. Then he realized that he could move through the mirror in his room, teleporting from one reflective surface to another. Still under Maximus' control, Woz teleports into Maximus' cell through his mirror. At this point Maximus began using Woz's to further his plans for the conquest of Attilan, having him teleport out of Attilan to give assistance to the human enemies of the Inhumans, and then collecting various tools (and a hat) for Maximus.

    Eventually Maximus had Woz take him into the depths of Attilan to see the Alpha Primitives. Maximus had the Alphas rebel and sealed them in the tunnels. Woz's Alpha Primitive form started to take its toll as Woz began to get more and more sick. Maximus told Woz that he was dying, and would become a martyr to their cause for the other Alpha Primitives. As Woz lay dying with Maximus leaning over him he realizes that Maximus' eyes, the windows to the soul, have a reflection. Woz traveled into Maximus' head through the reflection in his eyes. Maximus was in agony as Woz remained inside of him, Woz now fully in control of his mind. Woz understood fully that it was Maximus that suppressed his terrigenesis, and threatened to die in Maximus' head unless he would grant Woz his true form. Maximus reluctantly agreed and Woz was free to leave.

    Woz teleported through a mirror to warn Black Bolt of what had happened and beg for forgiveness. Black Bolt understood that Woz was not in control of himself, and did not punish Woz for what had happened.

    After Maximus was imprisoned again Woz developed a romantic relationship with Tonaja. They remained together until Tonaja was called upon to live amongst the humans on Earth. She resisted at first, but Woz convinced her that it was her destiny. Woz gave her a mirror that had been a family heirloom as a gift. Woz stayed within the reflection of the mirror as Tonaja traveled to Earth until she was out of his range and his image faded away. Presumably, Woz is still on Attilan.

    When the sacred Terrigen Crystals are stolen by Quicksilver, and later by the United States government, Black Bolt declared war upon humanity. A small team of Inhumans were sent to Earth as an initial act of war, and were captured and imprisoned in the Pentagon. Defenses were erected within the Pentigon to disallow teleportation inside of the Pentagon, so that Lockjaw could not be used to teleport in and rescue the Inhumans. Because Woz does not teleport in a usual fashion, Woz was able to teleport into the Pentagon to rescue his comrades. Mindlinked with Mala the Diviner (analogous to a computer hacker), Woz was able to break into the Pentagon's computerized defenses to rescue the others.


    Despite the problems with Woz's Terrigenesis, Woz is a powerful member of the Inhumans, and a rarity among Inhuman culture. While teleporting, Woz moves through a medium that he refers to as the antiverse. In this dimension everything appears similar to Woz's form in the real world. Lockjaw has also been shown to have access to this dimension, or may also use the antiverse to travel when he teleports. To access the antiverse, Woz needs to move through a mirror or other reflective surface. Woz has demonstrated that he could even travel through the reflection in someone's eyes. He did so by entering the reflection in Maximus's eyes. This produced different results from normal, as it caused Maximus great pain while Woz remained in his head.

    Woz's range appears to extend anywhere within a several mile spread, allowing him to travel throughout Attilan, but limiting his range greater than that of Lockjaw as he cannot travel all the way from the Moon to the Earth. The exact limits of his powers have not yet been demonstrated, even though some limitations have been. Woz's gifts may continue to grow and refine as he becomes more experienced.

    Woz is light purple in color, and his physical form is generally depicted with smoke or energy radiating upward off of him.


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