Character » Wormwood appears in 25 issues.

    You may think that his story is just like every other characters that is a worm from another dimension wearing a corpse, but you would be extremely wrong to think something like that.

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    Wormwood is a character that centers himself around an English(British) style of character. He seems to spend the majority of his time in a strip club with his robot body guard... Mr. Pendulum.

    Then early on in the saga he decides that it would be nice if he hired a little extra help so he decides to hire one of the female bouncers that work at the strip club... Phoebe Phoenix.

    Another key player around Wormwood seems to be a ghost detective that is working on a karmic debt in order for him to move on to the other side... Trotsky.

    Major Story Arcs

    Birds, Bees, Blood and Beer

    Wormwood and his small crew of Mr. Pendulum and Phoebe Phoenix stumbled onto a case where bodies were exploding. It was caused by some sort of drug and triggered by the infected individual thinking of sex, or having intercourse, which spawned a parasitic creature that would eat the body of the victim (and anyone else in the area of its birth).

    Wormwood discovered traces of the drug at a crime scene and ingested it in order to find the source of the creatures. Just before the creature was due to be born, Wormwood left his body. As the creature burst out, Mr. Pendulum roped it and tied the end of it to Wormwood’s inanimate body. This way the crew was able to track the creature when it ran off to meet the rest of its siblings.

    The crew tracked down Mr. Buer and his horde. They learned that Buer was planning on opening a portal to another dimension in order to unleash The Prince of the Land of Tears, Maloch. Before Wormwood had a chance to stop the portal from being opened Maloch burst through the gateway and tore Mr. Pendulum to shreds. It was only interrupted by a cellphone call from his wife. Immediately following the call Wormwood managed to talk Maloch out of completely devouring the universe and seal the portal he came through.

    It Only Hurts When I Pee

    Wormwood, Mr. Pendulum and Phoebe Phoenix went to an underground Leprechaun fight where Wormwood was bitten by one and contracted “The Clap.” The only cure was for the Leprechaun Queen to lift the curse. Following the bite, Wormwood’s body began to stiffen almost immediately. He made it home in time to switch into the body of a little girl named Lucy who had died of the plague.

    Wormwood manage to get Ms. Medusa to open a gateway in her bar, through which he could search for the Queen. The crew made their way into the portal and nearly dove right into a group of Squidmen who were kidnapping Leprechauns to turn them into slaves. After beheading one of the Leprechauns and possessing its head in order to understand what the Leprechauns are saying to him, Wormwood made his way to Leprechaunia.

    Immediately upon arriving in town they were attacked by the Squidmen who realized Wormwood's true identity - someone they believed to be a genocidal murderer of their race. The crew managed to stave off the Squidmen and capture the Leprechaun Queen, but were forced to flee Leprechaunia before Wormwood died in the Leprechaun homeworld or was overtaken by the Squids.

    Wormwood made it home and was cured of the curse - after a short debacle with the doctor who diagnosed him who attempted to steal the Queen to sell on the Black Market. The crew left the bar and the Queen began her new career at Medusa’s bar as a dancer.


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