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    DC Comics' shared universe of live-action films, which began with Man of Steel.

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    Worlds of DC Intro
    Worlds of DC Intro

    Beginning in 2013 with Man of Steel, Warner Brothers moved forward with a shared movie continuity for the superheroes of DC Comics. The follow-up to Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, released in 2016 and introduced Batman, Wonder Woman and the existence of other super powered individuals to the universe, thus officially ushering in the shared universe in full force. It was first referred to as "Worlds of DC" on a television special.

    So far, with the exception of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam, the Worlds of DC films have been met with mixed to negative critical and general acclaim, which has led to the internal restructuring of the studio and a change in how the the properties are handled. With that being said, as of Justice League, DC Films has accumulated a world wide total of almost $3.8 billion.

    Following the merger of Discovery and Warner Brothers, it was announced in late 2022 that the franchise would be rebooted by James Gunn, the new head of DC Studios, with the first film, Superman: Legacy, expected to hit theaters in 2023.

    Released Films

    TV Series

    Universe History

    200,000 BCE

    Amazons walking side by side with Mankind
    Amazons walking side by side with Mankind

    Human beings are created by Zeus and the Olympian Gods in their image. They become the dominant species on the planet Earth. Some of them posses a unique genetic trait that allows them to become the far more powerful Meta-human.

    The Amazons are created by the Olympian Gods, with the intention of spreading love and compassion throughout the world and protecting mankind. Unlike their Human and Atlantean counterparts, they are immortal beings.

    100,000 BCE

    Humanoid Kryptonians evolve into the dominant species on the planet of Krypton.

    28,000 BCE

    The Amazons, the Atlanteans, the Tribes of Mankind and the Olympian Gods join forces to fend off an Apokoliptan invasion of Earth led by Darkseid and his Parademon army. Darkseid is defeated and forced to leave behind his 3 Mother Boxes. Each faction that defended Earth from the invasion inherits a Mother Box.

    25,000 BCE

    Kryptonian's begin exploring the cosmos, traveling and sending scout ships to far reaches of outer space.

    18,625 BCE

    A massive Terra-forming project begins on planet Krypton. This leads to the sending of 1000 vessels, each carrying a "Kryptonian Growth Codex", to far reaches of outer space. A Kyptonian Growth Codex carries the genetic code for the Kryptonian race and each vessel contains several Kryptonian embryos, the two combined would allow Kryptonians to take over the planet they land on.

    18,615 BCE

    One of the Kryptonian vessels sent out 10 years prior, reaches planet Earth.

    4,357 BCE

    The Enchantress and Incubus are born in an alternate dimension. They come to Earth and are worshiped as gods by the local population.

    3,000 BCE

    War of the Gods
    War of the Gods

    War of the Gods, an ancient conflict between Ares and the other Olympian Gods, takes place. The war stems from Ares hatred of mankind and his blood thirsty, extremist views. Ares defeats all of the Olympian Gods, except for Zeus, and leads humanity down a violent and corrupt path. Zeus finally engages his son, Ares, one on one and defeats him, effectively wounding him and casting him out of Olympus.

    Diana Prince, who eventually becomes Wonder Woman, is born to Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

    Zeus uses the last of his energy to create Themyscira. Diana is kept on this magical island to protect her from the wrath of her half brother, Ares, until she is ready to confront him.

    1635 CE

    Gotham City is established.

    1661 CE

    The City of Metropolis is established

    1776 CE

    The Metropolis Police Department is formed/founded.

    1834 CE

    Midway City is established.

    1862 CE

    The Kansas town of Smallville is established by Ezra Small.

    1863 CE

    Midway City Police Department is founded/established.

    1871 CE

    The Daily Planet begins publishing.

    1894 CE

    Smallville Sentinel begins publishing

    1914 CE

    World War 1 begins.

    1917 CE

    Assault on Themyscira
    Assault on Themyscira

    US spy pilot, Captain Steve Trevor mysteriously crash lands on the island of Themyscira.

    The Assault on Themyscira takes place. This was a small battle between the Amazons, led by Hippolyta & Antiope, and soldiers from the Central Powers.

    Antiope is killed, and Diana Prince defies her mother, leaves the island of Themyscira with Steve Trevor, to stop Ares and end World War I (then called The Great War).

    1918 CE

    Wonder Woman defeats Ares, and helps end World War I.

    Armistice Day takes place.

    1920 CE

    Gotham Iron Foundry Company is founded/established.

    1921 CE

    Ace Chemicals is founded/established.

    1941 CE

    The Rosemont Theater opens in Gotham City.

    1942 CE

    Thomas Wayne is born.

    1946 CE

    Martha Wayne is born.

    1951 CE

    Jonathan Kent is born.

    1968 CE

    Waylon Jones, aka Killer Croc, is born on June 3rd.

    1970 CE

    Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is born to billionaire parents Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    1973 CE

    Jonathan Kent marries Martha on October 21st.

    1974 CE

    Alexander Luthor, Sr. creates and establishes the petrochemical company known as LexCorp Industries.

    1978 CE

    Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, is born on December 4th.

    1980 CE

    General Zod and his followers; Sword of Rao
    General Zod and his followers; Sword of Rao

    General Zod creates the Sword of Rao to overthrow the Kryptonian Law Council and attempts to take over the capital city of Krypton. The Battle for Krypton ensues.

    Zod and his followers are defeated and placed in the Phantom Zone.

    Kal-El, aka Clark Kent/ Superman, is born to parents Jor-El and Laura Lor-Van. Jor-El places the Kryptonian Growth Codex inside of his son, Kal-El.

    The destruction of Krypton takes place and Kal-El's parents send him off on a space ship to the planet known as Earth.

    After Krypton's destruction, the Phantom Zone breaks, freeing General Zod and his followers from Black Zero.

    Jonathan and Martha Kent discover a crashed alien ship in their cornfield, that contains a small boy (Kal-El). They adopt the small boy and call him Clark Kent.

    Pete Ross and Lana Lang are born.

    1981 CE

    Chato Santana, aka El Diablo, is born on June 3rd.

    1982 CE

    Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered outside the Aragon Theater in Gotham City, by Joe Chill.

    Bruce Wayne is taken into the legal custody of Alfred Pennyworth.

    On June 19th, the Mother Box inherited by the Human Tribes is found, and taken into the custody of the USA government.

    1984 CE

    Christopher Weiss, aka Slipknot, is born on February 23rd.

    Alexander Luthor, Jr is born.

    1985 CE

    George Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, is born on December 9th.

    1986 CE

    Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana, is born on March 16th.

    1988 CE

    June Moon, aka the host of The Enchantress, is born on April 17th.

    Clark Kent's super powers emerge for the first time.

    1989 CE

    Clark Kent's super hearing, x-ray vision, and heat vision go off for the first time at Weisinger Public School.

    1990 CE

    Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, is born on July 20th.

    1992 CE

    Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is born to parents Henry and Nora Allen on September 30th.

    Clark Kent saves his classmates
    Clark Kent saves his classmates

    1993 CE

    A school bus containing Lana Lang, Pete Ross and several of Clark's class mates crashes over a bridge. Clark Kent reveals his powers to save everyone on the bus.

    Jonathan Kent shows Clark his space ship and reveals to him that he is an alien.

    1994 CE

    Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, is born.

    1995 CE

    Bruce Wayne makes his debut as the vigilante persona known as Batman.

    1997 CE

    On April 19th, a huge tornado hits Smallville, killing Jonathan Kent.

    2000 CE

    Alexander Luthor, Sr dies and Alexander Luthor, Jr becomes CEO of LexCorp.

    2010 CE

    On her first field expedition exploring the Mayan ruins, June Moon is possessed by the Enchantress.

    2013 CE

    US military pick up an alien signal on Ellesmere Island.

    General Zod vs Superman in Metropolis
    General Zod vs Superman in Metropolis

    Clark Kent saves workers on an oil rig and activates the scout ship, a hologram of Jor-El then appears, and explains Clark's Kryptonian heritage to him.

    General Zod arrives on Earth looking for Kal-El, threatening to kill people if he does not turn himself in.

    Kal-El surrenders to the US military and is handed over to General Zod. The Battle of Smallville, Battle of Metropolis and the Black Zero Event all take place around this time. In the end Superman defeats the Kryptonians, kills General Zod and reveals himself to the world as their protector.

    2014 CE

    Joker kills Monster T and Batman Captures Harley Quinn.

    2015 CE

    The Superman Statue is erected in Heroes Park.

    A large piece of Kryptonite is found in the Indian Ocean, Lois Lane is captured by Nairomi Terrorists and Lex Luthor activates the scout ship using General Zod's finger prints.

    In November, the Bombing of the United States Capitol by Lex Luthor takes place, killing several US senators.

    Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday
    Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

    Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince meet for the first time and discover the existence of Meta-Humans in the form of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone.

    Lex Luthor kidnaps Martha Wayne and orchestrates a showdown between Batman and Superman in Gotham City. When Batman and Superman fail to kill each other, Lex creates Doomsday using his and General Zod's DNA.

    Doomsday's appearance brings out Wonder Woman and she, along with Superman and Batman, defeat the creature, but at a heavy cost. Superman's life!

    Lex Luthor is sent to Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, a funeral for Superman takes place at Heroes park in Metropolis while a funeral for Clark Kent takes place at the Kent Farm in Smallville.

    Batman and Wonder Woman embark on a journey to find the other Meta-Humans.

    Batman captures Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot and send him to Belle Reeve.

    2016 CE

    Enchantress takes over June Moon and releases her brother Incubus. They begin a process to take over the world in Midway City.

    Amanda Waller activates Task Force X, which includes super-villains/anti-heroes Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc and Slipknot. They are overseen by Colonel Rick Flag and Katana.

    Task Force X Assembled
    Task Force X Assembled

    The Battle of Midway City takes place. Slipknot is killed trying to escape and El Diablo sacrifices himself to destroy Incubus. Enchantress is defeated by Katana's soul taker sword. The surviving members of Task Force X are rewarded with reduced sentences. Deadshot gets to visit his daughter.

    The Joker breaks Harley Quinn out of Belle Reeve and Amanda Waller meets up with Bruce Wayne to discuss the existence of Meta-Humans. It is revealed that Amanda Waller knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and that Bruce Wayne knows about Task Force X.

    2017 CE

    Principal/Recurring Actors


    key Justice League members

    Justice Society members



    Suicide Squad

    The Cast of Suicide Squad
    The Cast of Suicide Squad


    Supporting Characters


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