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Batman and Superman have a contest to do the most civic good deeds during a 24-hour period. An electronics convention will be held in the city of the winner.

  1. "When Gotham City Challenged Metropolis" (Superman, Batman and Robin) written by Edmond Hamilton.
  2. "The Mechanical Archer" (Green Arrow)
  3. "The Schooner on Wheels" (Tomahawk)


  • In Metropolis, there was an S-Signal on top of the Daily Planet Building which was used to call Superman for emergencies. During the competition, it was changed to the Bat-Signal. And, the Bat-Signal was changed to the S-Signal in Gotham City.

"Featuring your two favorite heroes together in one adventure..."

Someone in the crowd: Batman and Robin win another point for that stunt-- but Superman is getting one, too, for rescuing them!

"Score of exploits"

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