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    1. Superman, Super Wrecker: (Superman) a census taker insists Superman must have an occupation and gives him a week to get one. Superman then sees an ex-piolet he knows named Ben Drill who took out a lone to get equipment for a wrecking job but the equipment got hijacked so Superman decided his occupation will be wrecker and works for Ben. they promise a million dollar forfeit fee so Steve Sokum (the man who gave Ben the lone) decides to try and collect the forfeit fee. first, he hires them to clear a mountain that keeps a reservoir in place so superman makes a massive fan to hold the water back while he constructed a wall. next Sokum hears about a rouge planet that might hit earth in 200 years so he hires Superman to destroy it and puts a 24-hour time limit on it. Superman accepts but as he series to cut the planet in half he finds the core contains Kryptonite. narrowly escaping he uses meteors from the rings of Saturn to destroy the planet. watching from an observatory Sokum declares victory because he finished 3 seconds past the deadline but Superman that he actually beat the deadline because it takes minutes for light from Saturn to reach the earth. when Superman sees the census taker again he tells him to forget about his occupation because he realized that Superman's other identity was probably counted so counting Superman would mean counting the same person twice.
    2. The Sightless Archer: (Green Arrow) Oliver and Roy are on a cruise where Green Arrow is doing archery demonstrations for a $1,000,000 donation to a children's hospital. of course, some crooks want to steal it so one of them tries to sabotage the ship to draw GA out right when Oliver and Roy are touring the engine room. they try to stop the saboteur but Oliver gets blasted in the face with steam and is rendered temporarily blind. he can't back out of his appearances as Green Arrow but he can't let on that Green Arrow is blind or his identity will be obvious.
    3. Captain Tootsie Cheers Orphans: (Tootsie Roll add)
    4. Jerry The Jitterbug: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    5. Valley of Ghosts: (Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor)
    6. Clue Cartoon: (puzzle & activity)
    7. Land of a Thousand Smokes: (Wyoming Kid)
    8. Report Card Day: (Little Pete: gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    9. Peg: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    10. Vitamin Vic:
    11. Liquid Larceny: (Zatara)
    12. The Rounded Play: (full-text factual article)
    13. Bullet-Hole Club: (Batman, Robin) to join the bullet-hole club you need to be in law enforcement and shot in the line of duty, the bullet you were shot with is your ticket to join. a private detective named Joe Flint wants to join but is rejected because he was only grazed by the bullet. determined to join he starts making himself a target, wanting to be shot but why is he so determined to join this club?
    14. World of Adventure in Books: (public service message by Tomahawk, Green Arrow, Shining Knight)

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