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    1. The Seven Crimes of Mister 7: (Superman) a petty crook thinks he should be running a gang but when he tries to recruit some gangsters they tell him he is a nobody so he decides to call himself Mister 7 and advertises that he will commit a crime a day for 7 days.
    2. Peg: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    3. The Big-Money Mystery: (Wyoming Kid)
    4. Sir Oliver Queen of Dornee Castle: (Green Arrow) Green Arrow and speedy arrive home to find a man waiting to tell Oliver he has inherited a castle and title in Scotland. they arrive to find everyone in the town cursing the Queen's name and only one man working at the castle.
    5. The Show Must Go On: (Captain Tootsie)
    6. Honeymoon with Headaches: (Full-Steam Foley)
    7. Rusty: (humor by Lit-Win)
    8. 3 R's For Stars: (factual full-text article)
    9. Bruce Wayne, Riveter: (Batman, Robin) after failing to catch a murderer at the docks the victim lives just long enough to say the killer works at the dock yard and his name starts with ch. Bruce goes undercover as a riveter to try and find the killer.
    10. Shorty: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    11. A Salute to the Boy Scouts: (a public service message from Superman, Batman, and Robin)

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