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Featuring Superman in “SUPERMAN’S SUPER-SELF!” and Batman in “CRIME UNDER GLASS!”


  1. Superman's Super-Self! (Superman vs Lex Luthor's giant statue of Superman)Lex creates a ray that can bring inanimate objects to life and terrorizes Metropolis with moving statues.
  2. Case of the Crooked Champs! (Green Arrow & Speedy) the archers tackle a gang that is fixing sporting events.
  3. BEBE (humor strip)
  4. School For Acrobats (Boy Commandos) while the boy train in acrobatics some racketeers get the idea to learn the same tricks.
  5. Ticket to Freedom (text story by Tom Neill)
  6. Postage Stamp Plunder (Zatara) a kid asks Zatara for help after some thugs steal his stamp collection.
  7. Each One Teach One (Johnny Everyman)
  8. Crime Under Glass (Batman & Robin vs The Glass Man) someone is killing people by sending them glass miniatures with sharp edges that poison them.

On the cover: $100 cash to anybody who can stay in the ring 2 minutes with One Round Riley.


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