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Featuring Superman in “THE MAN WHO OUT-SUPERED SUPERMAN!” and Batman in “ME, OUTLAW!”


  1. The Man Who Out-Supered Superman (Superman) Nelson Swayne is fed up with his girl's hero worship of Superman so he declares he will outdo him. the planet prints his letter and sets up a contest as a stunt but thru cunning and technicality, he actually wins.
  2. The Three Dooms (Green Arrow) A man is killed by his three business partners for what they will inherit. it is ruled a suicide but Green Arrow knows better and works to bring the murderers to justice.
  3. BEBE (gag strip)
  4. The Staff of Life (Zatara) An army vet with a G.I. loan opens a bakery and is doing well but the owner of the nearby bread factory tries to strong arm his out of business.
  5. Shadowing My Own Shadow's Shadow! (Super Sleuth McFooey)
  6. The Flatbush Fiddler (Boy Commandos) the gang is in India where they find a violin prodigy who is a double for Brooklyn. when some gangsters try to kidnap the prodigy they take Brooklyn by mistake.
  7. Little Arthur (gag strip)
  8. Hidden Hoard (full-text story by Jay Marr)
  9. "No Use Talking" (Shorty)
  10. Me, Outlaw (Batman & Robin) The life story of a gangster who specialized in selling stolen cars.
  11. "Captain Tootsie and the Log Jam Rescue"

Note: This is the 1st issue to be published by National Comics, Inc.


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