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Featuring Superman in “THE BATTLE OF THE ZODIAC!” Plus, Batman in “KING OF COINS!”

  1. "The Battle of the Zodiac!" (Superman) written by Jerry Siegel, penciled and inked by Joe Shuster.
  2. "Bridges for Bandits!" (Green Arrow & Speedy) written by Joe Samachson, penciled and inked by Maurice Del Bourgo.
  3. "Billy Brand Stories Behind Famous American Names" 1 page featuring Sam Colt and his revolver and the famous individuals who used it such as Kit Carson, the Texas Rangers and the G-Men.
  4. "Magic, Many Miles Away!" (Zatara) written by Joe Samachson, penciled and inked by William White.
  5. "Daffy & Doodle" by Lit-Win. 2 pages the first page contains two comics and the second page is one full comic.
  6. "Casey of the K9s!" (Boy Commandos) written by Joe Simon, penciled and inked by Jack Kirby.
  7. "Guns of Victory" 2 page text piece by Clem Warren.
  8. "Men of Good Will!" (Johnny Everyman) written by Jack Schiff, penciled and inked by John Daly.
  9. "The League for Larceny!" (Batman & Robin vs the Joker) written by Joe Samachson, penciled by Bob Kane and inked by Ray Burnley.

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