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The Psychotic Perspective: Worlds' Finest #4

Rebirth, Conclusion

This is the first issue of the new volume of Worlds' Finest I've had the chance to read. I'm familiar with Power Girl and Huntress' pre-Flashpoint counterparts, and though I was not a fan of Helena at first, I came to like Huntress after seeing her grow as a character. As for Power Girl, I have rarely seen her in a comic, but I do know her back story. When I heard that Earth-2's Power Girl and Huntress would be crossing over to the main DC universe, I really did not care for the idea, and since then I've heard mixed reviews on the new run of Worlds's Finest. The general consensus seems to be that ithe series is mediocre. Nonetheless, I opened the pages hoping for the best.

This issue continues the arc from the Worlds' Finest #3. In this issue, Power Girl does battle with a giant monster known as the Irradiated Man just off the mainland of Tokyo while Huntress attempts to save the lives of the sailors thrown into the ocean through the chaos of the fight.

Stupidity to the Max

As I read this issue, I wanted to slap the writer repeatedly and ask him what he thought he was doing. The bad decisions Power Girl makes in this issue are asinine. Power Girl manages to throw the Irradiated Man into the harbor where he immediately begins to attack boats, but for some reason she does not think to throw the creature further into the water away from the boats. Instead, she is shocked when the monster cracks open an oil tanker. Power Girl does not fear on behalf of the sailors, but rather she is horrified that all the oil that will pollute the oceans.

Let's do a quick assessment, Power Girl. What is more important? Oil in the water or the big giant monster killing people and destroying things?

Apparently, the oil is the priority for Power Girl because she allows the monster to continue to kill people while she picks up the tanker. Why is she picking it up? I have no idea.

Hopefully all the crew made it into the water before Power Girl got involved because when Power Girl lifts the tanker several stories into the air,

it comes apart completely and plummets towards the water. Thinking quickly, Power Girl uses her heat vision to burn the oil presumably flash frying any sailors who did make it into the water. The sudden fire would most likely also suck all the oxygen from the nearby air possibly suffocating all those in the surrounding area.

The stupidity gets cranked up to eleven when after fighting the creature for a whole forty minutes or so, Huntress and Power Girl put their heads together and decide that since the creature seeks nuclear energy, they should set off a nuclear bomb RIGHT OFF THE COAST OF HONG KONG in the hopes that the creature will absorb the energy and simultaneously die. My head is literally hurting from the stupidity. Thanks to the magic of poor writing, this somehow works, but that is more than enough stupidity for a year's worth of writing mistakes. You are on my naughty list Mr. Levitz.

World's "Finest"

The entire issue is dripping with sex from Power Girl. Helena appears to be respectable, but though Power Girl's boob window is now gone, she apparently feels the need to act like a skank at all times. In every interaction with a male, she flirts shamelessly, and she makes several sexual comments in this issue all while using body language that implies that she expects a surprise pinup photo shoot to pop up at any given moment. The most ridiculous moment came when Power Girl

chased down a rocket (a large cylindrical rocket) while saying, "That's the problem with boys' toys, they don't always know where to put them." Real subtle, Levitz. In the explosion that follows, Power Girl's costume just happens to rip open across the top of her chest allowing her magnificent mammaries to be in on display once more.

Every Cloud...

The issue was not all bad. The art is adequate, and the two heroines did have good chemistry. Though the idea of being from an alternate universe did not immediately appeal to me, this issue did convince me that the concept at least has potential though it is certainly not living up to it at the moment.


Overall, this issue was crap. Do not read it.

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