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Worlds’ Finest #2 Review

Worlds’ Finest #2 Review


Huntress and Power Girl fight Hakkou and more of their past on this Earth is revealed.

The Good:

The action in this issue is really good. It is near constant and never feels totally over the top. It is well paced and fun.

Paul Levitz’s writing is pretty good; the dialogue in particular is very good. Normally I am not a fan of books that jump around with time perspective, e.g. two months ago, three years ago, (Batwoman) but here it is not to jarring because of the clear differences in time and atmosphere.

George Perez’s artwork is really good here, I have criticized his work in one issue of Supergirl, but here is seems different. I believe it is a much better fit to this series and there are no major missteps with it here.

The Bad:

The time perspective jumps are really annoying, but not jarring to the overall story. Other series in the New 52 have started off five years ago and this one could too. The most annoying part is that they only show one scene that doesn’t have much to do with the present; the closer ones do but the farther from the present the less they have to do with what is going on.

The villain seems odd to me, I can see where they are trying to take the story but I don’t like how he can hurt Power Girl without any apparent Kryptonite but Huntress can hurt him with a small crossbow. He is inconsistent and I hope that the next issue is the last we see of him.

On a similar note, finding a good villain could be a major problem for this series and it will be interesting to see how they handle it. If they can’t find any suitable villains, they will need to have some team-ups pretty quick. This reveals the biggest flaw in the series: Direction. Since the pair is from an alternate Earth, they have no real friends or real enemies and that could cause the series to stagnate.


A decent issue that has several flaws, like perspective and direction, but it is only the second issue so they are not a big problem yet. The book has its act together it just needs to take the foot off the brake and do something. If you liked the first issue then you will enjoy this too, new readers are welcome to jump on here but they might want to pick up the first issue to get some of the references.

3.5 out of 5

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