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Worlds’ Finest #12 Review

Worlds’ Finest #12 Review


Huntress and Power Girl fight Desaad.

The Good:

The story here is actually really good. There is some serious character development and growing up with Power Girl and it is so nice to see. Throughout the series Power Girl has been portrayed as a bit of a bimbo who really doesn’t take anything seriously; that changes here when a nasty case of death befalls some people around her and she grows up a bit.

Paul Levitz finally gets it together here and delivers the best issue yet. There is a nice balance between action and some character growth here. There is also some good humor involved too.

Kevin Maguire, Geraldo Borges, and Robson Rocha all draw the issue and individually their art is great.

The Bad:

The story is a little jumpy in the middle with a random flashback to the pair hunting for information about Hakkou, the monster they faced in the beginning of the series.

While the art is great individually, it doesn’t have the best flow to it and it is very noticeable when it switches.

This might be me nitpicking continuity but the Power Girl uniform is the pre-New 52 one she got from Supergirl and there is absolutely no mention of the difference. Plus Supergirl #19 came out in between this issue and the last one but Worlds’ Finest 12 picks up right where 11 left off.


The best issue of the series yet features some great character growth for Power Girl. Paul Levitz does a great job here and the story overcomes some art hiccups to really grasp at the series’ great potential. The art individually is great but lacks a certain flow to it.

4 out of 5


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