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BatWatch Review: Worlds' Finest #12

The Price of Fame

It's incredibly hard for me to try to take this series seriously. It's right up there with Catwoman in that it is just absolutely dreadful in most issues. It does not feel as if the creative team is even trying. My one point of hope for this issue is in the fight between Power Girl and Desaad for I hope that Power Girl, after twelve issues of being basically unchallenged, will finally have a decent fight on her hands. Beyond that, I'm limited to talking about the return of the boob window as a noteworthy event, and that just exposes how lacking in substance this series is since I can think of nothing more interesting to mention.

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Does this issue surprise me by being a delightfully fun filled and intelligent action adventure or is this just one more nail in the coffin of my almost completely extinct hopes for this series?

In this issue, Huntress and Power Girl do battle with Desaad and we get a flashback to the Worlds' Finest taking on the Yakuza.

How Predictable Is Worlds' Finest?

Tuesday in my On Deck article, I posted an outline for this issue of what would happen if the series remained as stale and predictable as usual. Let's see how well I predicted things.

Did Power Girl fight Desaad without difficulty? Yep, Desaad did not so much as land a blow.

Did Power Girl make a forced sex joke? No. Surprisingly, this issue was sex pun free.

Does this issue interrupt an intense scene to show a meaningless and trivial flashback? Of course! You can't have an issue of Worlds' Finest without a flashback which serves no purpose!

Did Power Girl end up thrashing Desaad? No. That will no doubt be reserved for next issue. After their initial conflict and the flashback, the story decided to stretch three pages worth of information into eight pages.

Did Power Girl let Desaad escape to save Huntress? Power Girl saved Huntress twice from fights in which she got in over her head in this issue, and one of those times resulted in the Finest fleeing from Desaad.

Did Power Girl and Huntress learn nothing from this encounter? Arguably, they did learn something. The girls decided at the end of the issue to go underground with their operations. However, I was under the impression that their identities were already secret to everybody except the inner circle of Karen's company, so what gives?

In short, this series is horribly predictable.

Bat Droppings

1. The fight never really felt significant because Desaad never landed a blow and Power Girl never let loose.

2. If everybody is seeing Desaad as Michael Holt, why did everyone look upon Desaad with panic and run away?

3. Also, how can Power Girl's vision see through his illusion. Isn't Desaad's power based in magic against which Kryptonians have no immunity ?

4. I did miss the first...three issues of this series, so if anybody can explain how Desaad knows who and where the Finest are, please drop me a line.

5. The art is okay this issue. We have some exaggerated expressions, but they did not really detract from the story. As always though, the shift between artists is extremely rough.

6. The story seems to be trying to make some kind of point about popularity, but I'm not sure what the point is.

7. Again, we see an apparently important figure at Starr industries, and we are given the impression we should care about her, but who the crap is this lady?

8. You might think the unveiling of the new (old) costume would have some sort of fanfare or explanation. Nope, it's just a new suit. However, I will admit that I got a little bit of a sentimental glow at seeing her back in her classic costume even though I've never been a big Power Girl fan. I also have to admit it looks better aesthetically even if it looks better for all the wrong reasons.

Conclusion 3/10

This series sucks!

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