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Worlds’ Finest #11 Review

Worlds’ Finest #11 Review


Huntress and Power Girl close in on Mr. Terrific… or do they?

The Good:

This issue ties together several seemingly random plot threads from past issues, mainly the African kid with the Apokolips gun, and connects them to the central plot, which is a good thing. The story itself is pretty good for the series, there is nothing spectacular about it but it is coherent. Some of it seems like a repeat of the last several issues but it works well enough. Another plus is that the cliffhanger end is actually a cliffhanger. I am genuinely curious about how the pair will react given the circumstances.

Paul Levitz does an alright job writing. It is nothing great but it has been worse.

Three artists go to work here: Ken Lashley, Barry Kiston, and Robson Rocha. Of them I enjoyed Kitson’s the most but the others were good as well. The art continues to be the highlight of the book even though Lashley has a much different style than the other two.

The cover is a fold out by Kitson and looks great.

The Bad:

The issue, like most of the series, lacks any flow. The transition between scenes is really abrupt and it takes away from the readability of the issue. Basically the issue tries to balance two and a half stories; one is the opening Huntress scene, that only has her in it, the flashback, with both but it is a continuation of the past ones, and the “half” part which is both women at a party that splits up the panel time. I am not a writer but it does not seem like it would be too terribly complicated to weave these stories together to make them coherent. The Huntress one seems like the odd man out here given the distance between it and the first part in issue 7, was barely mentioned then and only gets some focus now but still any information about it happened “off-panel” and we only see the end result of her interrogation.

As much as I liked the art, this series could benefit greatly from one consistent artist.


A slightly above standard for the series but still nothing to write home about; this issue starts to bring several plot lines together and has a cliffhanger that involves a situation that is interesting. Paul Levitz does a standard job with the dialogue but not so well with the pacing and flow. Of the three artists drawing here, Barry Kitson does a great job and the others, Ken Lashley and Robson Rocha, are good as well but his stood out.

3 out of 5

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