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Members of the Superman and Batman families collide in this tale exploring the relationships of the heroes who make up the most popular dynasties in comics. Collecting the recent 4-issue miniseries, plus DC COMICS PRESENTS #31 and ACTION COMICS #865.

As Nightwing and Red Robin infiltrate Mr. Freeze's villain-studded auction, Guardian and Robin fight to protect a valuable piece of dangerous technology, and Supergirl and Batgirl investigate the disappearance of a metahuman.

But how are all these capers connected? And do these fearless duos have what it takes to fight the bigger threat on the horizon -- a Kryptonite-powered killer?

The World's Finest are out to prove their might in this collection of team-ups between the Superman and Batman families, written by Sterling Gates (SUPERGIRL) and illustrated by Julian Lopez, Ramon F. Bachs, Jamal Igle, and Phil Noto.

Plus, the story of Toyman's origin by Geoff Johns and Jesus Merino, and the first team-up of Superman and Dick Grayson by Gerry Conway and José Luis Garcia-López.


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