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So how did you and your BFF first meet?

The World's Finest 0 Issue is some interesting ideas weighed down by less-than stellar execution. Its one of the 0 Issues I was looking forward to reading due to my being a fan of the new Earth 2 and Power Girl and Helena Wayne Huntress as a new World's Finest. But like I said, its got some problems.

First off, the art is actually kind of awful. There are so many lazy drawings here its painful to look at, with only the very last page managing to be really good. Nearly all of the others look lazy and half-hearted, and the coloring while solid, is nothing spectacular.

On top of that, the ending feels remarkably rushed and in fact, the whole issue does feel a little on the short side. One minute Helena Robin is off on a little revenge crusade, gets saved by the timely arrival of Supergirl, and then two or three panels later its all done, incidentally making what is quite obviously a Boom Tube escape (because no DC character has ever done that before) feel a little out of the blue and more than a little anti-climactic. I understand that in comics action scenes can sometimes come off as a little short, but considering the context behind this one you'd really think Levitz could afford to stretch it out a little more.

Now with all of that out of the way, I've probably just convinced you that I hated the issue. No, nothing of the sort, as it still manages to get a three-star rating out of me. And that's because its more Earth 2 goodness, and as poorly drawn and rushed near the end as it is, I still like it on that level. Seriously, its just something that for me personally doesn't get old. Also, being an admittedly shameless and unapologetic die-hard Bruce/Selina fanboy, (or "shipper" if you want to use that term) you can't go wrong showing them finally together and with a kick-ass daughter, however briefly. True, Selina's Earth 2 outfit is a bit on the odd side, with some rather ugly features, namely a mask that makes her look like she's got Wolverine-sideburns, but all the same, I'm a sucker for seeing her and Helena as a mother-daughter duo, which does give the later slightly predictable scene a bit of a punch to it, at least for me. Its just a shame that again, Helena's reaction winds up not getting the time it needs to breath.

For me, the Zero Issue of World's Finest is somewhat lackluster execution saved by some good moments and overall good ideas. I know we all love Helena Bertenelli, but I do believe in giving Helena Wayne a chance, and even if it could have been done better, getting to see both her and Kara's younger years on Earth 2, however brief it is, is fun to see.

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